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PG / PG-13 Audio for The Rookie?

  • We are working on this. It’s on the docket to be recorded after I finish PANDEMIC. So, all-ages ROOKIE should be out in 2013.

    I can’t recall where it is in the list of projects, but I seem to remember The FDO commenting on this. I believe he said it is in the project pipeline.

    I have the same question. My son listened to a few episodes in the middle of MVP and is hooked, and I’d like to start him at the beginning of the series… but only if I can find a young adult audio version. The iTunes podcast of The Rookie carries an explicit tag, but I’d be willing to purchase the audiobook if there were a clean version.

    I know that The Starter and The All-Pro have PG / PG-13 audio productions (as Scott is working to take this series to not only his more mature fanbase but also “the little junkies”), but is there an audio version where “Joro Jirri” just means “You’ve got to be shucking kidding me.”?

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