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Perry Dawsey are you O.K?

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    how fun.


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    So glad I peeked in here. These are fabulous! Great job. :3

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    Visiting Seniors Missing

    Friends of Nellie McDaniel and Anna Carl have reported that the two mentioned elderly ladies are missing from The Bad Axe Senior Resort Hotel and Spa. It has been told to this reporter that Mrs. Carl had accompanied her long time friend Mrs. Nellie McDaniel, to the resort where they were both recovering from some unknown traumatic event. Staff report that the two companions arrived very late one night with no reservations and had kept to themselves. The local police acknowledge the disappearances but refuse to comment on anything further.  The pair were last seen two days ago driving their car, a red ford Escort, and according to one of the Hotel guests, both of the ladies had what appeared to be binoculars hanging around their necks and a huge totebag full of maps.  If anyone sees these ladies or know anything about their disappearance, please contact the Bad Axe Police Department, or this reporter, Flossie Barker, in care of The Bad Axe Senior Tattler.

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    Nellie, Nellie, Pick up, Oh please pick up!!

    I got home just a few minutes ago.  I was walking up the steps to my apartment and I saw Bill.  He was on his way to Perry’s and he looked pretty concerned.  I said Hello, and didn’t bother him with chitchat, I was still thinking about your hives/rash and Charlotte, and just didn’t worry about Bill or Perry.  I knew he could check on Perry without my interference.

    There was a terrible odor in the hall, It smelled like burned meat or fish, I thought It must be that old man down the hall cooking and smoking cigars, and didn’t think any more about it, and went into my apartment.

     I heard Bill’s voice and I heard him knock on Perry’s door.  I opened my door just a bit so I could see what was going on, I was glad that it sounded like Perry was there.  It looked like Bill was talking to Perry. I am doubting my sanity, because I don’t think I could have seen what I thought I saw.

    I saw Perry. He threw the door open wide and kind of fell out into the hall.  The smell hit me full in the face through that small crack in my door.  That was where the horrible Burned smell came from, Perry’s apartment! That sickening burned flesh, almost a rotten smell.

     It looked as though Perry had been run over by a lawn mower, barbequed then put through a meat grinder! His backside was burned black and what was left of his clothes looked shredded or had been burned off his back.  He was cut up and bloody. I could see Bill was startled and he reached out to help as Perry kind of collapsed into the hall.

    Now this is where I doubt my sanity. I swear Perry had a knife and stabbed Bill. Both of them fell on the hall carpet, with Perry still stabbing and snarling, yes Nellie, I swear he was snarling like an animal.  Perry was stabbing and beating Bill and I swear I heard him call Bill ”Columbo” and then suddenly Perry grabbed Bill and pulled him into his apartment and slammed the door.  It just took a few seconds, and I can’t believe that what I saw happen…. was real.

                 I opened my door a little more and there was a lot of blood in the hall, lots and lots of blood in the hall.  I felt like I was in one of those Scott Sigler horror stories.

     I called the police, Nellie.  I think what happened  to Charlotte is happening to Perry. He was totally insane.  Or maybe I am insane, I am locking my door and not moving.  You should do the same.  Something is wrong out there.  I am waiting for the police, I’m still hoping I was seeing things, Perry was such a nice young man.

    Please call me back Nellie, If you are sick, something like this might happen to you, please call the doctor tell him about what happened to Charlotte and don’t take no for an answer, you talk to him. It seems to start with hives, or a rash or some kind of skin condition, then total insanity. And what about that old man, your neighbor, you saw him at the doctors? Didn’t he have a skin condition too? Is he OK?  And for your sake don’t rush over to his apartment to find out!  Stay put!!

    Wait, I hear screaming in Perry’s apartment…was that Bill?

    Now it’s stopped,  Oh, I hope the police get here soon.

    Nellie if you are OK, please let me know. Get out that bottle of gin out and stay put.

    I hear something….

     I am going to just peek in the hall again, I will call you back.

    *** I am Renfield to Sigler’s Dracula ***

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    Dear Nellie,

                 I did get the messages you left on my answering machine.  I‘m glad that

    Perry’s friend Bill will be looking after him.  I will be home soon, and I will check on Perry too.

                 Now, sit down dear, to finish this letter. And you may want to get a nice taste of your gin, for medicinal purposes only of course, because what I am going to tell you is very disturbing.

                I checked with several of Charlotte’s  friends and neighbors, trying to find out what was going on with her and her son, that led to such a devastating result.

    What I found out left me so upset , and I hate to admit it, but really, really frightened!  You know me. Things don’t usually frighten or intimidate me.  My ex-husband Clive used to say: ”Anna, you’d take on Godzilla, two Predators, and an Alien, just to see which one would end up serving you breakfast in bed.”   Well Dear, I’m just horrified!

    It all started when Charlotte moved to her new apartment.  She moved to a nice retirement place and was really looking forward to living it up, she was only 70, just a kid!  Her son was staying with her for a few weeks and helping with the unpacking and getting her organized. 

    Charlotte had been to the doctor about a rash on her backside.  Charlotte was always so pristine about her personal hygiene, and she was mortified to find a rash, not to mention one on her behind.  Her neighbor said that Charlotte mentioned how painful and uncomfortable the rash was and she was angry that her doctor just didn’t take it seriously.  She complained daily that it looked terrible and she would never be able to wear her new  swimsuit, and how her love life would suffer, and she would never eat oranges again, and she would just go on and on and on.

    .  Her son said that she refused to go back to the doctor.  He was really getting worried about her.  She started accusing him of putting something in her food,  trying to “get her”, and then she locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out.  He was really getting freaked out, poor boy.  He didn’t know what was happening with her.  He could hear her talking to herself.  Her son asked a neighbor to come over, that maybe he could help get her to the doctor, and then she seemed to calm down.

     The neighbor said Charlotte finally came out of her room and seemed to be rational.  Her son started to get her ready to take her in to see the doctor, when all of a sudden she grabbed him and threw him to the floor!  The neighbor was there and saw everything.  He couldn’t believe it!  Charlotte weighed about 100 lbs and her son was around 200 lbs.  And she was so pale and frail looking.  Charlotte started going toward the kitchen, her son got up and started after her, the neighbor ran to the phone and called 911.  As the neighbor watched, Charlotte came out of the kitchen, with a smile on her face, and a large butcher knife in her hand.  Her son followed her out, a large bloody stain on his shirt.  The neighbor took one look, dropped the phone and ran out into the hall yelling for someone to help.  He said he had never seen a look like that on a persons face.  He said  she looked like a grinning evil smileyface, all teeth and no lips.  He was so upset he could hardly tell me what happened next.  Charlotte didn’t say a word,  she just smiled, raised the knife and turned back toward her son.   Her son was bleeding, trying to keep his voice calm, trying to talk her into putting the knife down.  The neighbor watched as she lowered the knife and then as her son approached her, she shoved the knife into her son’s stomach.   She still hadn’t said anything, she just had that crazy grin on her face.  Her son tried to get away from her, but she grabbed him and he couldn’t get away.  The police were on the way, the neighbor heard the sirens,  and by then two other people came to the door to see what was happening.  Charlotte just sat down on the floor,  holding her screaming son, he couldn’t get away from her, and began to cut him to pieces.  The neighbors ran, the police came and then Charlotte got up, leaving her son’s body on the floor, and ran toward the police with the knife.  The neighbor heard the police yell at her  to stop, then gunshots,  and then he saw one officers stagger out of her apartment  That butcher knife was shoved all the way up to the hilt, in his thigh.  Charlotte followed him out and was standing over him and the other officers continued to shoot her.  She stood there for a long time,  smiling that creepy smileyface smile, as they kept shooting her. Then she turned to the neighbor and said “that’s much better” and collapsed.  I don’t know how many times she was shot but there were 3 officers shooting at her. 

     Her son was dead and she was dead.  But the neighbor said that several hours later when someone came to pick up the bodies, the coroner only took her son’s body.

    It was later on when someone from the CDC came to take Charlotte’s body away. They wore those Hazard type getups.  They told everyone to go back to their apartments and stay there and wouldn’t let anyone in or near her apartment.

      When they were in the hall picking up her body, the neighbor opened his door to peek out.  They told him to get back inside and not to come o
    ut until the police released the crime scene and everything was cleaned up.  He went back inside, but not before he got a good look at Charlotte’s body, or what was left of it.   It looked black and moldy and there was no red blood, just a greenish-blackish gooey stuff surrounding her.

      That’s why there was no body in her casket, Nellie, there was no body released to her family!  He didn’t know what could have happened, but the men in those suits told all of them in the building that there was some strange infection going around and to report if anything else happened out of the ordinary. The men in Hazard suits left.  Then it was over.

      In just a couple of day’s Charlotte had gotten that rash, gone berserk and killed her son, and then was shot to death by the police, just like I was told from the beginning.

    I am on my way back home now, and by the time you read this I should be home. Nellie, just what kind of hives/rash do you have?  Remember Charlotte had a rash too.  It seemed to be the beginning of everything. It might have had something to do with her illness.  Something really wrong and horrible is happening, please check with the doctor again and tell him about Charlotte.

     Please, please take care.  Remember what my ex- husband Thomas used to say, “Don’t ignore those inner voices when they talk, or they may end up biting your ass!”

    See you soon, Anna

    *** I am Renfield to Sigler’s Dracula ***

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    Then she will topple you!  Beware!   

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam

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    You do know that the road to Chicken Scissors is paved with good intentions.

    Do gracious older ladies pack heat?  I’d suggest a big whalloping gun. 

    Tastes Like Chicken

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    IT’s Great, keep it up


    Way to go Bubbah!!!

    (whispers) chicken scissors

    Faggity Shitter Shitter Dicker Pricker

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    Anna, it’s Nellie again. I stopped by your apartment this afternoon to see if you were home yet. I havn’t heard from Bill about Perry. No one seems to be at Perry’s. I even tried to find the manager, but he was gone. I know I should just mind my own business, and trust Bill to handle everything….. but I thought he would have called by now, to let me know about Perry. And, well, since I had my Doctors appointment anyway, ( these hives are driving me CRAZY!) I just had to stop by the apartment and see what was happening.
    The Doctor said he didn’t know what was causing my skin condition, but he didn’t seem too concerned. My leg is the worst, red bumpy hives that really itch, and I am to check back with him in a few days.
    Usually my nervous hives go away after a few hours, but since I have been so worried about Perry, they just won’t go away.
    It’s funny, but there is an old gentleman, who lives down the hall from me, and I ran into him at the Doctors office. He said he was there for a skin problem too. He looked pretty bad, his arms were all bandaged and he seemed miserable. I thought that was an interesting coincidence. Oh well! The skin cream the Doctor gave me should work just fine, and then of course I have my little taste of Gin, to help me relax. I am still uneasy about Perry, and now Bill. I hope you’ll be home soon.

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    Oh Anna, it’s Nellie. I am so relieved. It took me a few little tastes of gin, to get up my nerve, but then I went ahead and called Bill Miller, Perry’s friend. He’s the young man that left that note on his door.
    He is going over to see Perry.
    He said that he had been trying to get in touch with Perry for several days and after leaving the note, he kept trying to get him on the phone. Well, Perry finally answered one of his calls, and even though Bill said he sounded sleepy and confused, at least he talked to him.
    My imagination has been running wild, with me thinking about all the things that could be going on with Perry. And after what the apartment manager told me about his appearance and the drinking. I just couldn’t relax.
    But I know Bill will handle things. And Perry trusts bill.
    Bill told me Perry hadn’t been feeling well and was sent home from work last week, so it must be the reason he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. Bill reassured me that even if Perry was coming down with something, he knew what to do, and told me not to worry. I just know everything will be fine, now.
    Thank goodness for Bill, if anyone can help Perry snap out of it and get back to normal, it’s Bill. And I know Bill would do anything for Perry. Like I said, Perry trusts Bill.
    I am just so relieved!
    My dry skin and hives are driving me crazy with all this stress and worry, but now I should be able to relax. I just might have another little taste of gin, to help the hives stop itching.
    I hope you’ll be home soon. I don’t want to start worrying about you, Anna.

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    Anna, I got up early and went over to Perry’s apartment, I was so worried about him. There was no note on his door and his car was there. But still no answer when I knocked.
    I didn’t want to leave a note. Perry might resent someone trying to check up on him, but I did ask the apartment manager if he had seen Perry lately, and he said he saw him just briefly when he drove up yesterday afternoon.
    The manager told me Perry didn’t look so good. He was pale, had dark circles under his eyes and a big lump on his forehead. And then he commented that it looked like he had ”a really good hangover”, and had probably been in a fight. Then told me, ”by the looks of it, he was getting ready to do it all over again.” He told me that Perry had a couple of bottles of Wild Turkey with him.
    I hope Perry isn’t drinking. You know I don’t approve unless it’s for medicinal purposes. His father used to get drunk and beat his mother and I’m sure that Perry suffered from his father’s drunken version of discipline. I‘m hoping that Perry will at least answer his phone. I keep trying.
    If the boy just has a bad infection or that bug that’s going around he just needs sleep and rest. I know he won’t go to the doctor. He wouldn’t go if his life depended on it. But I doubt that this bug is something he can’t take care of. Since before his football days, he always knew how to take care of himself.
    I just keep telling myself that sometimes even I don’t answer my phone or door or rush off to the doctor if I am not feeling well. Come to think of it, I haven’t been feeling well. I am sure it is just my nerves. I always get these itchy hives when I become overly tired and stressed. Please let me know as soon as you are back. I hope you are feeling well, you sounded so stressed and upset too, over the death of Charlotte, and her son. I hope you found out more about that mysterious situation.
    Things just aren’t the same as when we were young, Anna, not at all. Well, I will try and talk to you later.

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    Very nicely done..

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    damn near spit my drink out on my pc

    (PSSST……..tried to give you crack points, it’s an option that DOES NOT work, oh well)
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    Murder at Avedon Hill
    (You don’t want to disappoint the voices)

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    No way can I catch you, I think you are “totally untouchable”, but in a nice way.

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    (just noticed, you are moving up the crack hits list………..think you’ll catch me??)
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    Anna, It’s Nellie, I don’t know where you’re staying and I don’t know how to get in touch with you, so I will just leave this message on your home phone.
    I had to listen to your last message about Charlotte and her son over and over! You are right! Charlotte couldn’t have done anything like that. Why, her son was her life!! Oh what could have happened? How could there be no body in the casket? Oh my, I don’t feel well at all. I had a spot of gin earlier and it made me feel better. It must be my nerves. I am so upset over Charlotte and her son, and I still can’t get a hold of Perry. I know I don’t usually drink, I‘m going to pour myself another little taste of gin, just a taste. It makes me feel a little better. Mmmmmm, Ah that’s better. I will wait to hear from you. I don’t know if I’ll feel well enough to go out tomorrow, I want to stop by Perry’s apartment again. I am so worried. I keep trying to call him but he still doesn’t answer. This gin really does wonders! I keep thinking about Perry when he was little. I found an old picture of him in his kindergarten class Christmas program, he waited so patiently for his part to come and then with the discipline of a great musician, he would hit that little steel triangle, over and over, he was “born to play the triangle” I told his mother. Born to it. He was so good at it for such a little guy, and he loved music, but his father wouldn’t hear of it, I don’t think he ever played anything but football after that night. But he was born to play the triangle, born to it. Whew! It’s getting warm in here, I think I’ll have another little taste of gin and get some sleep. I feel much better. ‘night Anna.

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    Oh Nellie, I can’t talk long, I have news you just won’t believe, I don’t believe it myself.
    I get to the Service for Charlotte and find out it’s a Double funeral service!!! Charlotte, AND her son. I was shocked! And it gets worse, so much worse. Oh Nellie, they said Charlotte went berserk, and killed her son with a butcher knife and the police shot her!! I know that couldn’t have happened, She would never do anything like that, NEVER. Why, she couldn’t even cut up a chicken she bought at the grocery store, and now they say she used a butcher knife to kill her own son. I Just sat there, and all through the service I was thinking, they must be mistaken, it had to be someone else that they were talking about, not Charlotte. The more I thought about it the more I knew they were wrong. And so, after everyone else had left, I can’t believe I did this, I went up to her son’s casket, and peeked in! It was her son, all right, and he looked so natural and lifelike, but he really was dead. And then, Oh Nellie, then, I peeked into Charlotte’s casket. It was empty. Empty!!! How could it be empty?
    Nellie, something really crazy is going on, and I have to get to the bottom of it.
    I’m staying another day here, so I will call you later.
    Now Don’t worry about Perry. He is a big strong healthy boy!
    You just make sure you take care of yourself, the CDC is saying that there’s a bad new strain of legionnaires disease, or something, in the area and everyone is to be careful. Someone here even commented that they heard Charlotte had gotten it and that’s what made her crazy. I don’t believe it for one minute!
    Bye for now dear, and please take care of yourself.

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    Anna, it’s Nellie, we seem to be playing, what do they call it ? Phone Tag? I just went out to get my paper, and I’m glad that you called and let me know what the latest is with Perry. I guess he must be o.k. if he took off in his car someplace. But I don’t know that he would have a lady friend, and carry on like that. My goodness! Young people certainly carry on differently these days. Why, I would never have visited a young man’s apartment alone, at night. I know you think I ‘m just an old fuddy-duddy, and judgmental, but Anna, I still think you went a little too wild after your 4th husband passed. Sneaking in and swimming nude at the senior center, really!!!
    Well, back to Perry, I tried calling him several times and tried to leave him a message on his voice mail, but it was full. I think I know who left the note on Perry’s door. It was probably Bill Miller, he has been Perry’s best friend since they were in college together. I think Bill has been a great friend to him. Perry had a lot of Anger issues before he met Bill, I know it was because of the way his father treated him and his mother, God rest her soul. Bill has been a really good influence. It worries me that Bill had to leave a note for Perry. They work together now, and that means Perry wasn’t at work. He is so conscientious and disciplined; he would never miss work unless something was wrong. Oh I don’t know what to do! I really feel like a Snoop Sister, like you said, but I have to find out what’s happening.
    Oh, about your friend Charlotte dying, I am so sorry to hear about that. She was the sweetest lady and she had a son didn’t she? I think he would be about 50 now. She adored him and was so proud of him. He was all she talked about.
    Well dear, I will hear from you soon I hope, and give Charlotte’s son my condolences

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    you go girl……………..
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    but this is the Siglerverse, and who knows evil lurks…….muwaahaaa haaa..!!!

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    Us little old ladies have to stick together, I can’t let anything happen to them!!!

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    “nasty bug that’s going around”
    pure genious
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    with perry’s normal state of mind he is dangerous enough
    with the triangles, watch out
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    I love this! a little old nosey lady trying to check up on Perry. I hope she can make it through the rest of the Fan-Fic… alive!

    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    Good morning, Nellie, I hope you hear this before you leave to come over here. I don’t think Perry is home. When I went out earlier to get the paper, I noticed a note on Perry’s apartment door. It was folded in half and taped but it was just at my eye level so I had to peek at it. I know, I know, I can hear you calling me one of the “Snoop Sisters”, but you are the other one, my dear. Anyway, as much as I could see of it, someone named Bill was also trying to get in touch with Perry. I couldn’t read it very well since I didn’t have my glasses on. Like my ex-husband, Harry, always said, ”You’re too vain so don’t complain”. I never wear my glasses, I think they make me look too old. Anyway, you know what I mean. But this Bill seemed worried or upset or both from his note.
    I also noticed that Perry’s old Ford Escort wasn’t in his parking spot either, and I always notice that car because my ex-husband, Desi, had a Ford Escort when we were dating and there wasn’t much room in the back seat, if you know what I mean. Well, anyway, I knocked on Perry’s door just to check and heard nothing at all, it was quiet.
    Not like last night though!. I heard a lot of screaming and moaning and other noises over there and I thought about going over to make sure Perry was ok, but then I thought what if he has a lady friend in there. I remember my ex-husband, Frank, used to be quite the moaner , if you know what I mean. Then it got quiet and since Perry is such a big strong guy, I kept telling myself, he was fine.
    Well, since that note is still there and his car is gone, just wait and stop by here later on. I‘ll call you when I see that he is back home.
    I am going to be gone tomorrow, I have an old friend’s funeral to attend, Charlotte Wilson’s. She was the younger sister of one of my ex-husbands. She was only 70. I think she came down with that nasty bug that’s going around. Call me back or I’ll call you. Bye again.

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    love this way of presenting a story,
    answering machine tag

    the voices are waiting for the next message
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    Anna, it’s Nellie, are you home? Pick up.
    I will stop by tomorrow, we have find out what’s going on. Perry always came by on weekends to check up on me. And he would call if wasn’t coming by. Maybe he’s just sick and that is why he wouldn’t answer his door. I hear there is something going around and it might be a bad one since the CDC seems to be announcing something about a new kind of something or other. Oh well, I am sure it’s nothing to be concerned about.. I am just a worrywart, and I guess I shouldn’t be so uneasy about why he wanted my extra pair of chicken sissors. It’s not like he would use them on himself, is it? Poor boy, he probably just has one of those nasty infections the CDC was talking about, don’t you think? I feel foolish worrying.
    Well, see you tomorrow. Bye.

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    Hi Nellie, It’s Anna.
    Thanks for the note, it has been a while since I have spoken with Perry too.
    Now don’t be alarmed, but I can’t raise him either! I stopped by his apartment this morning and I could hear something moving around inside and I could hear voices, but no one would answer the door. He could have left his T.V. on? I know he is a football fan, so maybe that is what I heard. Does he have a cat or dog?
    Now don’t feel like a busybody, I know how you liked Perry as a boy and that you often took care of him when his mother asked you too. His father was a demon, and she was afraid for the boy.
    I remember you telling me that you used to buy him Cherry Pop-tarts, because that was something he liked but his father wouldn’t “waste his money on sissy food”. Perry was just a little kid for goodnes sake!
    Well anyway, I’ll keep my eyes open, and give me a phone call later if you want, I keep late hours.
    Come by tomorrow and we’ll both try to see if he is home.
    Bye for now.

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    Love it!

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    It started with this note…where and how will it end…

    Dear Friend, I don’t mean to be a busybody, but that nice young man, Perry Dawsey , doesn’t seem to be himself lately. I used to babysit for him when he was a little guy and he used to kind of watch out for me as he grew up. He is such a dear. But lately when I’ve stopped by to visit, he won’t open the door, and I hear strange noises in there and I am worried. The only thing I really need to know is why he wanted me to bring him my extra pair of chicken scissors. He sounded so desperate and worried about something. I know you live next door, and would you please stop by and see just what is going on? when you get there tell him I was asking about him and to please stop by and see me, and please ask him to bring my chicken scissors with him. Let me know what happens……….write me as soon as you visit him. Thank you for your help, I am so worried. Mrs. Nellie McDaniel

    Continued with message 1…..

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