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Pen Names?

  • Writing for the sheer pleasure of telling your stories makes sense to me. But having said that, I would LOVE to read some of your stuff. I promise not to tell anyone it’s you.Foot in mouth
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    I’ve never taken my work to someone and asked to have it published – I’ve been headhunted for every writing gig I’ve ever had. I write because I love to write. Sure, I have daydreams of being able to make a living as a writer, but not if fame is part of the package.

    Seeing my name in print is utterly terrifying to me, almost to the point of being a phobia. Fear of rejection, I suspect. I still get a similar feeling when I see one of my pseudonyms in print, but the panic is tempered (somewhat) by the fact that nobody knows it’s me.

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    I agree totally with seperating the work if one would conflict with another. Porn and children’s books being the perfect example.

    I don’t agree with the not wanting recognition though (you must want recognition from some of it). Why else do we write? Even if people attribute those thoughtsfeelings to a pseudonym, some part of you is being recognised.

    …remain constant, digital age or not. Privacy/anonymity is a common motivator and should be respected more than it currently is. Sometimes the consequences of publishing personal information are too great and without the ability to share those stories incognito, valuable first-hand experiences will go untold. This is especially true for non-fiction, but can also occur in fiction if authors draw heavily from personal experience or from the lives of those close to them.

    Then there’s straight out not wanting the recognition – that’s a huge deal for me. I’ve been writing under pseudonyms forever, sometimes due to the nature of the content, but mostly because I simply can’t bear to see my name in print. I have five solid writing ‘identities’; three of them I’ve used for over ten years. It means I often can’t point people in the direction of my work for fear of blowing my cover, but that’s a small price to pay for my privacy.

    When it comes to genre separation, I think pen names are becoming more important than ever. Have you tried Googling your internet handle? Every conversation you’ve ever had online appears before you. Along with using various internet forums and social media, I’ve been a sex columnist, contributed to medical journals, authored Government submissions, written horror and ‘slasher porn’ (erotic horror) fiction…the list goes on. I’ve also written two children’s novels. Imagine if those children’s books were published and tech-savvy kids searched for me online?! In the good old days, they would have been none the wiser. These days, a children’s author needs to either use pseuodonyms or stay the hell off the internet.

    It’s much easier to be ‘outed’ now and, yes, it’s hard work to maintain multiple identities. But I do think the effort is worth it, especially if you’re intending to publish wildly diverse material. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use only one name and create a recognisable ‘brand’, my advice would be to be very, very careful with what you say and do online.

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    I see they idea of a pen name and i do see some advantages whit it.

    But if i ever would publish my work i would want the fame that might come my way. (Big Ego here)

    I’m the original Swede

    I prefer a nom de plume, myself.


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    yup, you nailed it.

    That’s a reference to the Duke U. team that were accused of gang rape (never convicted, I believe)
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    if I ever got into porn, anyway: either Reginald T. Poonstabber or Duke LaCrosse. ($50 No-Bucks to the first person who gets the Duke joke).

    Hey Scott

    I’ve just written a post about pen names. Pen names in the digital era. I would love to get your take on it as I have heard you mention it in interviews breifly. Hope you can take time out of your world domination plans and leave a comment or Shoot me down here

    Have a good one

    Speak soon


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