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PDFs of your books

  • Heh, I’m rereading EarthCore now, and updating things in the Siglerpedia as I go. I’m mostly looking at the more minor characters myself, I figure the big sexy entries will go to the people working on the major guys.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    If I was to buy EarthCore (physical copy) and pose with a picture of it, could I get a copy of the pdf sent to me? I know it sounds ubergeek, but it would help with your siglerpedia wiki editing, which I, in my spare time, love to edit, wikis that is. Yup. Hit me up!

    Also, same thing for the Rookie, Infection and whatever else I can use the “search” function with…

    By the way, you totally rock as for releasing Ancestor as a PDF.

    Given the right tools (PDFs) and time, I shall own the Siglerpedia, rest assured.


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