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Password issues

  • I am having the same problem…it wont let me log in with the password i created, after i have closed the window and reopened it. Let me know what I need to do as well, por favor.

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    I also CC’d Pulsar so that he will know

    • about the issue occuring
    • what I have done to remedy the situation

    Let me know if this fix works or not for you.

    Our PM system is rather gimpy until we can upgrade the whole site to Drupal 7 (this summer? keeping fingers crossed). Please email me direct at rather than sending me a PM through Thanks.


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When I try to log in it tells me that it does not recognize my username or password. I have tried using a temporary login to change my password several times but every time I attempt to log back in it repeats the same message about incorrect username or password. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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