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    The storys premise begs to be a full length book. From conception of the little buggers in the lab to their outbreak of the secure facility and finally the defeat of them or us!! With all Scott has going on now it would be a while before he could get to it. Maybe that would give him more time to think over an extended story line.

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    I like that one. Kinda close to my own heart. Would like to see what happens next. That story was cool and creepy at the same time in perfect harmony.


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    geez i’m not an idiot it’s just that when i think about the what if i just day dream forever so i want an end just to get it out of my head….for christ sake when i first heard the book i DREAMED the end to it that night.

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    Bloodcast Season II isn’t done quite yet. Still have one two part story left to go.

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    Great story and I agree that a full length book would be wonderful.  Not like you don’t have enough other books to write first though.

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    Fearles Leader ! Just catching up and finished off season 2 of BC-

    damn fine stuff. Great variety. An I like the way you finished off Passenger – 

    hope it gets some of that spoon feed audience to think about "what if.."

    after your stories finish instead about complaining about not getting a

    nice neat and tidy end that doesnt force their low watt brains to burn

    a little brighter.

    Sigler On !

    Makes you wonder a bit. Sometimes it’s annoying to have everything explained down to the last detail. And Wolf’s right. The FDO does leave bookoo opportunity for fan-fic. Pretty sure there’s a forum section devoted to it.

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    You’ll learn that while Scott may occationally leave a cliffhanger, his fans won’t. Several OJs here are very adept at fan-fic, where we can continue on in worlds created by our FDO. Hey, give it a shot yourself. We’re very receptive to new ideas here. And welcome to the Siglerverse. 

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    yea i no but i wish he wouldn’t leave things that open ended like for passenger i’da been happy whith a total cop out ending like "and thus the entire galaxy was overcome" because he’s scott and i no he cant turn it into a full story. Even snipe hunt had sort of an ending…. everyone died or it’s implied. But we dont even know if the other members of the squad survive or if they nuke the planetg (another cop out ending i’d except) i no i sound whiny but jesus man i cant stand permenant cliff hangers.

    I play my Polkadot jets against your Plaid tanks!

    Unlike most authors, Scott is plagued with an overabundance of ideas. His problem is finding the time to get them all done well. Think about it. Both Sacred Cow and Snipe Hunt could easily be novels. When I introduced my brother to Sacred Cow on Stranger Things, he thought it was the pilot for a series, not the beginning of a genre/compilation show.

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    yo sigler u gotta think about turnning passenger into a full book man. i no u got alot of stuff ur doin rite now(family and the new book) so it doesnt have to happen just sayin it coud be good…….or could you at least doo another bloodcast to finish the story?

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