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Pandemic Social Media Contest Entries

  • LOL Thank you for sharing because that was brilliant! I loved it. Funny and intriguing. Great sales pitch. This was genius. XD

    This is the video that I put together:

    And no, it’s not a real triangle tattoo (I drew it myself with a marker)

    Written, filmed, and edited by myself. I’m a little sad that I didn’t win, but in the end I did have a lot of fun making this. There’s a pretty hilarious alternate version where my scream had music in the background that sounded like something from the 70s.

    Congratulations to everyone else who participated!

    Because sharing is caring!

    I have to admit, I only saw a few of the entries, mostly what Sigler posted on his facebook feed. I saw a few others searching #Pandemic on fb and twitter (but have no instagram or pintrest), but for some reason fb did not agree with my reports – how dare blasphemers but non-Sigler stuff in the #Pandemic feed! So a lot of entries were buried and I only saw a handful. What I did get to see was awesome, but I’d love to see everybody’s entries if they’re willing to share here. 🙂

    Congrats again to the winners! You guys had rockin’ entries.


    Here were my pictures: My lovely sister did my makeup. Please excuse the fact that I am an awful picture taker who never knows what to do with her expression, lol.

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