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Pandemic Ideas? (Possible Contagious Spoilers!)

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    … and you might have an idea about how people can become infected in a global scale!

    What does every single living thing on this planet need?

    Food and water…

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    I say little chelsea makes it through the gate and starts to totally fuck with the ki.

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    military presence in great lakes after “terrorist” bombing of detriot. ships radar picks up orbital. remote controlled sub dives to retreive orbital for study, knocks final canister loose which rises to surface and explodes spreading infection, starting pandemic

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    then the modifications that the AI satellite made to the final canister will cause a zombie plague, after the obligatory government / military FUBAR, of course. It will be up to Margret and Clarence to find a cure as they operate from an isolated island outpost somewhere in the caribbean.

    Of course, since we already can make a pretty good assumption that the entire Siglerverse is connected (based on the canon in the novels), its a pretty good guess that Scott won’t kill or infect the whole world… otherwise there would be no Rookie or PUV James Keeling.

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    We all know that Dawsey made it through the portal.  He will escape to come back and take care of the canister but before he can get to the canister, someone else gets there first………[flickr-photo:id=3763066856,size=m] and friend of GirlCo’s official mascot

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    develop a leak and contaminate the water supply.

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     or military scientists screwing around with the canister that will cause the pandemic. Maybe but who knows what ingenious delivery system the FDO has cooked up for Pandemic!

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    the remainder of "god" at the bottom of the lake? or some military/government type geneticist that finds a way to trigger them when they are fished out of the lake??



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    there are no zombies in the Siglerverse. Now maybe a communal mind network Like Chelsea had…..

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    Man Sized triangles with intelligence and the ability to attack and kill humans.  Unlike the current weak and easily killable triangles.   

    Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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    Now that Contagious is almost done (and I will not put any spoilers out there just yet for those of you who are listening to the Podcast version), what comes next in the story?

    What direction will the amazing ending of Contagious take us? Who will be leading the charge in this final installment? Will we see more of the “Angels” this time around?

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