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Pandemic Discussion – SPOILER WARNING

  • Loving this one (Still listening)

    but Ive been doing some thinking for the movie 🙂

    Clarence Auto = Will Smith (Or Denzel Washington)
    Margo = Eva Mendes
    Tim Feely = Owen Wilson

    But if there going to escape in a fire truck do it right and use Pumper 82,

    In Contagious the infected tried warping in gates and were nearly successful… why did they not build any gates in Pandemic?

    Martin: I may have already replied to you via email, but will do here again. iTunes has all the stuff, it’s free, and there is an iTunes app for every smartphone (I think). If you can’t find your content there, get it from You can download all the books by individual episodes, by RSS feeds, or by their iTunes links.

    And brother, I don’t kill characters, characters kill characters. If you write an honest story, that’s what happens. And I don’t do that bush-league shit of getting you worked up to kill a character just to bring them back on the next page, either. Death happens.

    The Siglerverse: dead = dead.

    @martyg2: I didn’t kill anyone! The characters do what the characters do. Once they start to behave like real people, it’s all I can manage to keep them in line long enough to complete a cohesive story. Thrilled you’re digging the tales, man.

    As for free stuff, it’s all on iTunes. If you can’t find something in Google Play, you can always download iTunes (for free) and see if it is there.

    Hello there Mr. Sigler, Just want to give you a little bit of my whole backround on how I became a Sigler fan. It was maybe seven months ago when I found a app on my google play called doggcatcher. Here I was searching for wretched radio and for some reason had seen this downloadable podiocast called Infected. It sounded really intriguing to me so I downloaded all the episodes. You see Scott I am a Bus driver and I tell you it gets freiken boring driving in silence. So I started to listen to Infected. It captured me right away, and I am in no way a book fan. But I am now thanks to you. After listening to this book I searched for something else and seen Contagious, not knowing this was a sequel, I downloaded the episodes and Bam captivated. After this I started listening to all sorts of podiobooks from 7th Son to Beneath to Kronos to Dead Hunt. I tell you Infected started me off. Than I found Earthcore and Ancestor, (classics by the way) we need a sequel for Ancestor. Anyway I searched and searched for Pandemic not knowing much on how to go about this. I found it on Audible and listened to it. Great freiken book man. However, here goes my opinion. Scott WHY, O WHY do you have to KILL OFF everyone, LOL. Margeret Really? I know you have your reasons but I really missed Dew Phillips and even though I think Phil Gigante did an awesome job, I missed Murray’s other voice. He sounded very old in this one. I tell you Scott Sigler, You have opened up a new world to me it feels like. I love it. I love your books and plan to get deep into Siglerism haha. I am now on Nocturnal and wish I could buy it but I will soon but for now just listening to the free podio books available on doggcatcher. Is there any other place I can get to on my Galaxy 2 besides this where I can get a lot more Sigler stuff. Just didn’t know if google play had any thing else. Please don’t kill everyone Scott Sigler just most. HaHa. Ok well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Hope to hear a little from you man. Thanks for the entertainment…..

    @Scotten: Awesome! That’s quite the compliment, glad you dug it (even when you had to pause it).

    To agree with the Reddit AMA – Pandemic WAS a “wild ride”. I listened to the audiobook, and there were several parts where it got SO intense that I had to pause the book and take a 10 or 15 minute break. I’ve never had a book do that (not even Infected or Contagious)!

    So many mysteries …

    Thanks Chris, That makes sense. I just started re-reading the book and I read that the orbitals final strategy was extinction. I still didn’t make the see that the orbital was the connection to the Ki homeworld. I will have to start the series again and see what I pick up.

    This was addressed in the book… the Orbital was used as some kind of link to connect the portal that the hatchlings built to the Ki homeworld. Without the Orbital to provide the link they were unable to build a functioning one.

    My eyes are closed. I will not read.. anything. I’ve not started it yet. Damn babies!!

    Scott – I loved Pandemic and just finsished reading it today. I’m not sure if I missed something but it seemed to me very strange that all the little traiangle monsters didn’t make a portal and bring the whole Alien army over?

    There was mention of the tentacle creatures making a portal in Chicago and making barriers in the streets but no portal opened? Even if there was too much going on in Chicago, surely there were enough in China, Russia etc?

    I may have missed something but this seems strange to me.

    Loved the book Scott, I am sad the trilogy is finished but I enjoyed it oh so much!

    Thank you!

    Thanks for the ride. I’d rate it 4.5 blue triangles out of five!

    My pet theory got squashed in this one. For a little while, I thought that Petra Prawat’s little creation was going to be one of the outcomes of Pandemic. Guess I was wrong. On the bright side, there’s going to be a Petra Prawat story on the way!

    @ChuckVanT in case you missed the announcement, the GFL books are the only ones being read+podcast by Scott. Phil’s doing the rest. (Just so you aren’t surprised next time it happens.) As someone who only started listening to Sigler because I could actually stand his voice compared to all the other audiobooks I’d tried at the time, I do understand. I just wish to say that after giving Phil a chance and continuing to listen to nocturnal, he does great voice work!

    I do wish, especially since the FDO voiced the other 2 books in the trilogy, that he could have finished it out. But eh, Phil Gigante did well on Nocturnal for me so I think I will be pleased with this reading as well. At least the GFL will always remain the domain of Scott Sigler’s dulcet tones.

    Great… another Phil Gigante read on the audio book… just damn…. (though I understand why).

    The first time in all the years Scott’s been giving away his fiction, I fell asleep during one of his books!

    Guess I’ll miss this one too….

    @occupy_my_rocktopi Descendent! Thank you. All that was coming to mind was Progeny, and I know that wasn’t right, lol.

    Just looked it up and, yeah, no plans thus far. here’s what Scott said exactly about plans for Descendent:
    “There is no status on DESCENDANT right now. It’s definitely fallen by the wayside as I worked on GFL Book V, PANDEMIC and the novel I just finished, FLIER. No idea when I’ll get back to that one, if ever.”

    Guess we’ll have to come up with our own answers for now. =o

    I think I saw on the FDO Reddit interview deal that Descendant is iffy at best and in all likelihood won’t happen.

    That’s a good point re: Ancestor. I guess I just thought we’d learn that when/if(?) the next installment of Ancestor comes out. x3

    I do have a feeling that island may not be completely safe, though, even if it seems to be during the setting of Pandemic. IIRC the ending correctly.

    I was also wondering about how Black Manitou Island is suddenly safe for human inhabitants again. I’ve already started making a list of questions for the inevitable Pandemic FAQ episode a year and a half from now once he finishes podcasting the novel.

    That was a great finale to the series. I’m heading straight over to iTunes to leave a review. One little nit to pick, Scott, you’ve taken us into the War Room, onto nuclear subs and into Apache helicopters with mind blowing detail, didn’t you look inside Engine #98? Fire trucks don’t have keys..Ha ha love you man, please give us a short story telling how they cleared Black Manitou Island of Ancestors…or did they?

    “Anyone else feel that the Orbital made a serious tactical error in this one? Its goal was to wipe out humans before they could become a threat to the Ki. It seems to me that if this version of the plague had succeeded, humanity would just be replaced by… really angry humanity. The Converted under Emperor Steve (of course, it would have been Empress Margaret if her luck had been better) seems like a way more dangerous civilization than uninfected humanity would ever have been.”

    I’m not so sure I’d call it a tactical error as much as a possibly unintended affect. And I think the real danger comes with the leaders moreso than the bulls. I think it fits with how things went down in Contagious, though. The Orbital wanted to train Chelsea as a leader, but it didn’t exactly foresee Chelsea shutting it out on her own command. It couldn’t stop Chelsea from killing Beck and his dad. And Chelsea was just young enough that The Orbital could connect with her and communicate with her and nudge her along. She became so much of a leader, she stepped away from The Orbital before the Orbital was ready for it. Then The Orbital created a specific subset of leaders from those of great intelligence. I think the flaw with them is that they didn’t exactly follow the original plans The Orbital was given – they worked for a greater power, but they killed each other if it suited their purposes (Stanton killed other leaders if he found them a threat) and they wanted to take things for themselves rather than just serving the Ki. Since they were so connected, if the Ki ever came along, I think the bulls would follow the leaders which would make them dangerous to the Ki, but I have to wonder how the infected would react to the Ki. Would the Ki have another Orbital to help control them? Would just the presence of a Ki affect the infected? The Orbital sent Chelsea images, IIRC, of the Ki – would any of the new infected have residual memories of these images? They know they’re aliens and they have loyalty to this (even Jeff in the end was going to accept the monster side of him and attack Cooper) – would they recognize the Ki as their creators or as alien family? So I wouldn’t exactly call it tactical error since technically the infected were doing what they were supposed to – killing humans. ;p

    But yeah, I think if things had continued in the infected way and the Ki ever came knocking, it wouldn’t be exactly what they were expecting. xD


    SPOILERY POST (in case the SPOILER WARNING) in the title wasn’t enough – I have finished the book

    I felt a little like Cooper because I just kept bursting out into random, mad laughter. I was excited and nervous and anxious and couldn’t put it down. I didn’t pick it up until 2 or 3 PM from the post office and was finally able to go to bed around 3 AM, lol.

    I’m not exactly shocked that a certain character became infected, but that doesn’t mean I was happy about it!

    It was really cool to see Feely again. I loved that crossover. I’m pretty cool with the fact that he’s the new Longworth. It would have been odd to have someone in that position that was totally new!

    I was super excited to see Margo and Otto again. I’m sorry they didn’t exactly get their happy ending, but I am pretty satisfied with how the ending turned out.

    So much I could rave about, but I’ll hold back for now. The book is in my mom’s hand now, but I also had to give her Infected and Contagious because she does not remember Contagious at all. She’s not even sure she read it, although we can’t figure out why she would have skipped a book. o_O

    I’m not reading the rest of the posts in this forum because only on page 54. But I wanted to say 54 pages in and I hate this president!

    Finished last week and really enjoyed it.

    On a sad side note, the NY times posted the best seller list for that week (Ending Jan 25) and no Pandemic.

    Just finished drip reading pandemic and for the most part very happy at it’s conclusion! If I had one criticism for the book is that the ending felt very rushed!

    9/10 though from this junkie!

    I agree that the “new race” could have potentially been even more dangerous. I think there was mention of “building their own orbitals”. I am just super curious how Earthcore will look with a rewrite. Seems prospecting and mineral mining will be less important for a good long while in post-Pandemic Earth. But maybe it will be the flip side. Maybe they don’t think it is pure platinum to mine. Maybe they right away realize it is alien metal composition in origin and based on what has happened, that sparks the rush to get to the source of this alien metal. Maybe they find it is the same composition to the orbital. I don’t think it would be cause it is from different species. But don’t the Ki buy the best tech from other species? Oh buddy I am sensing some connections! Haha.

    Long time junkie (since Earthcore!), first time caller. Just wanted to chime in and say that this was a fantastic wrap-up to a fantastic trilogy. I have no idea what future books might look like now that they have to take into account the state of the Earth after Pandemic, but I can’t wait to find out! We still don’t know what the hydras really do to people, after all. Besides the gross sores. I hope your next book has a scene where someone is annoyed that the drugstore is out of Jergens Hydra Pustule Cream.

    Anyone else feel that the Orbital made a serious tactical error in this one? Its goal was to wipe out humans before they could become a threat to the Ki. It seems to me that if this version of the plague had succeeded, humanity would just be replaced by… really angry humanity. The Converted under Emperor Steve (of course, it would have been Empress Margaret if her luck had been better) seems like a way more dangerous civilization than uninfected humanity would ever have been.

    So we’ve lost most of the midwest football teams.
    Admit it, Scott, even with torching the G.D. Lions, it felt good to know that the Pack probably got annihilated as well.

    But yeah, what a way to wrap up the trilogy. This was a climax that even Peter North would have stood in awe of.

    Ok, first things first. A incredible way to end an awesome trilogy. I am so damn curious how the FDO will write other books post Pandemic in the timeline with the world being a lot less populated and overall kind of thrashed now…


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