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Pandemic audio?

  • What could we do to help this happen? A Kickstarter project? I will gladly pay twice for an audio version for my wife and I.

    I’m confused. What are you talking about WRT the NAACP?

    Ever heard of the NAACP?

    @heathersharmony: No news on if there will be PANDEMIC audio as yet. The rights currently reside with Crown Publishing, and we can’t do anything without permission from them. Thus far they have not commissioned an audiobook.

    @Twainy: First … TWAINY! Yay! We’d love to make a PANDEMIC audiobook, but can’t do anything for now. We’ll keep you posted for sure.

    Apparently I’m too lazy to locate an appropriate thread. Oh well, this will do. I’d buy a Pandemic audio!

    Pandemic snippet? A wee bit sadistic? I imagine an evil maniacal laugh track playing in the background as you typed that FB update. I look forward to more!


    Any news on if or when there might be an audio of Pandemic?

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