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Pain of being a Junkie in Oz

  • Its gonna be £35 (70 bucks) for the uk release, and its gonna be a couple of months before its here!

    I ordered mine from, cost bout $16 dollars shipping for 2 copies,

    go thro link at and do it that way, nice and easy…


    Just sitting here waiting for them to arrive………………..



    ………………still waiting…. 

    Damm, it sucks being an Sigler Junkie is Australia.

    Looking at Amazon, the price for Infected is $16.47 (down from $25) which when you translate into Banana Republic Dollars is AUD$20, but the online stores here want AUD$49.95.

    I love you Scott, but I’m not gonna pay double price when I know that none of it is gonna make it into your pocket – Amazon only want $5 for shipping.

    I’ve been to 3 brick and mortar bookstores but they can’t even give me an expected arrival date for the book.

    Has any Australian junkie found Infected in a store here???



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