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Page number issue in eBook?

  • So Calibre conversion to get the cover to show up properly on this book on the Nook Color (this is a DRM stripped book, not the stock) causes the whole page system to muck up.

    In order to adjust the cover to look properly without mucking up the page numbers you have to edit the CSS in Sigil:

    img#coverimage {

    padding: 0;

    margin: 0;

    width: 100%;

    height: 100%;


    The lines “width: 100%;” and “height: 100%” were added by me, and it now shows up and looks good and the page numbers are in-tact.

    I have purchased the All-Pro a while back, and just now started reading it…and it’s a fantastic book!

    But it says it’s only 124 pages….and the ENTIRE season is on page 106. LOL. I know that’s not correct. But I was wondering what was going on with that.
    I did purchase it from B& and I stripped the DRM but that has never had an impact on any of my eBooks in the past.
    Any thoughts on this? The other books I have purchased from B& (which is all of your books), don’t have this problem at all.
    I know it’s nit-picky, but when I’m in a crunch for time and want to pound out a chapter/week in the GFL, I’d like to know how many pages I’ll be reading. I hate stopping LOL.

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