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  • I think you will find its range being one of the biggest factors being able to fly approximately 1000 miles at a speed of 277MPH mix that with VTOL capabilty you have the perfect medium range black ops vehicle that can land anywhere.

    The osprey is actualy pretty well armed. They can have a retractable remote control minigun mounted on the underside, and can have more miniguns or 20mm cannons mounted on the nose, plus you have the gun pointing out of both side controlled be crew, and the crewchiefs machinegun on the ramp. It is also more heavily armored than normal choppers. Plus the tilt rotor system on it allows it to go from chopper to plane in seconds. Which also increases it range and mobility, also it’s ability to land in areas
    That other aircraft can’t get to. It also can hold about a platoon of soldiers so it is very effective in mass troop deployments. Not to mention it can be used as an airbourne gun platform allows it to be used for close air support. So all in all it’s actualy a very good vehicle, especially for the roll it plays in the story.

    Didn’t they have these in Terminator? Is the Osprey the sort of half-helicopter thing i’m thinking of? They look really cool and they’re a very versatile landing craft. Then again so is the harrier jet… But it can’t carry passengers… Maybe a Black Hawk with armour

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    I’ve got to ask: Why use the Osprey in Contagious?

    The idea of the Osprey is great, but everything I’ve seen and read about it, makes it an underpowered, overly complicate, underarmored, under weaponed flying deathtrap. You put in the other super secret experimental craft, maybe in the next book(s) you could come up with something better.

    Do you keep up on current and experimental weapon systems for your books? Oh yeah, did you manage to read any Charlie Huston yet?

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