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original nocturnal

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    Let this be done. People do not agree on this topic, understand that. ARealGirl runs the show here. Respect her, or she’ll remove the thread simply because this is a place for fun, not a place for personal attacks.

    I appreciate everyone’s input and intensity. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t enjoy the community. Apologies have been tendered.
    Move on. I suspect ARealGirl will soon nuke this thread from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure).
    Personal attacks are not tolerated here, my friends.
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    all I wanted was a copy of a podcast (which I did eventually find btw). it truly amazes me that people can take a simple question/request, and turn it into this mess. My apologies to the FDO and Arealgirl for the mess and rudeness that stemmed from this thread.

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    I have always thought of this forum as a living entity. Scott, A and us junkies feed it, nourish it and have watched it grow. As anyone with kids or pets knows, when you feed something, you’re going to have to put up with the poop.

    In short, Hulivar, you’re an asshole.

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    I am so honored that JP and I think alike. My two favorites are also Nocturnal and Earthcore. I go back and forth between the two. Some people say Earthcore isn’t that scary. Oh really?? Have you ever been trapped below ground with some creature you’ve never seen after you. Heck, just being trapped below ground is scary enough!!!! Add on to that some crazy woman with pliers. As for Nocturnal – underground creatures that lurk in the night. Yea, I’m there. Not to mention the real life Marie Latreille connection.

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    I second the gentleman from Scotland.

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    @ARealGirl – Thank you for your intelligent and informative post, and I commend you for the decision to close the comments.

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    So back to one aspect of the original posting in this thread. Nocturnal is definitely one of my top two favorite stories by Scott. I go back and forth between Nocturnal and Earthcore. Both of these unfolded in my mind like movies, in a different way than I imagined the events of his other books. I’m excited to see what the rewritten Nocturnal looks like! Everything Scott’s redone for publication has somehow gotten even better! I’d love to eventually see Nocturnal (and Earthcore) on the big screen.

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    That’s why I have gone out and found copies of both of those books. To get caught up. The original Nocturnal was the first podcast of Scott’s I came across and got hook on. And I can’t wait for the rewrite to come out.

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    @Belladonna @exotiKali @MuchAdo 🙂

    And my thoughts exactly re. zzzzzzzz

    It’s getting tired, don’t you think?
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    Just a thought…

    I don’t have an original Earthcore or original Ancestor in book form, because I didn’t purchase them when they were out (I also didn’t know about Scott Sigler, but that fact is incidental), so I ‘missed the boat’…
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    I’m pretty sure I have all of the podcasts so if there’s something you need or can’t find, shoot me a request on twitter @muchado1. I know I sent out the original Infection to several so ask away.

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    Steffiebaby, that’s what happened to me, my HD crashed and I lost what I had. I know it’s a long shot, but I had to see if anybody out there had a copy of the original. and no disrespect to the the FDO, I’d never spend money on something of his that HE isn’t selling or endorsing. I’m here to help support his (and all of ours considering we’re his junkies) habits, not the to have somebody else benefit from his hard work. with that said, if anybody has a line on the original podcast, could you help out a fellow junkie?

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    This is why podcasts should be saved, just in case it gets taken down and redone later lol. Unfortunately I learned that one after my laptop with all the podcasts went berserk and lost them all. But anyway, if you think about it April is really not that far away…I mean, it’ll be January in 11 days. I’ll be reading Infected again to bid my time.

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    Any chance I could snag a copy as well?

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    ok, so I know one of junkies out there has a copy of the original, and I’m looking for it. it’s by far, my favorite book of siglerism. I had it on my computer, but my HD took a massive dump on me and I lost it. any chance one of you can hook up a fellow junkie?

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