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Original Infection

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    I’m pretty sure I have it on my iTunes at work.  Don’t call me a techtard but if there is an easy way to get it to you, I’d be happy to.

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    or itunes
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    OJ all the way baby! 

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    Yeah I noticed while listening to The Rookie that Infection was no longer available.  I had made sure to save a copy cause I was proud to still have it being that it was not available anymore…then my 750Gb external hard drive got knocked over while it was copying data and now all the files on it are gone forever.  …tear.  I had planned on burning all the podcast novels onto dvd-r but had not done it yet.  Shame.

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    I was looking for it too.  I think he took it down after he got the deal when he was doing The Rookie.

    From what I heard, the FDO used something different to change his voice for Perry.  I heard it was a little rough on the ears.  Also there was less science, but that’s just what I heard.  I’m still waiting for a buddy to get me a copy.


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    Is the original still available somewhere I’d really like to listen to the first run before starting Infected. (I’m assuming Infected has rewrite changes)

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