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Original Earthcore Paperback for sale. Help out a broke student?

  • Good luck!
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    Hello all, I’ve returned from the depths of nowhere and logged in for the first time in about a year, at least, because I figured this would be the place to go. I’ll be heading off to college soon, and have decided to get rid of my beloved Dragon Moon printing of Earthcore. I haven’t an idea what they’re really worth, so I figured I’d just start taking offers, if anyone’s interested. I also have a Dragon Moon printing of Ancestor for sale too, if anyone’s interested in that.

    The book is in pretty decent condition, but it’s obvious that it’s been carried around and read several times. There’s a crease on the front from a few years ago that’s barely noticeable now, but other than that nothing noteworthy. Contact me if you’re interested, preferably via email: jt.manis94[at]

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