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Online Status Indicator

  • The aforementioned link is gone now. Thanks for the info, Paul. You rock, as usual!


    Ooops… this menu entry came with the most recent updates i have installed for drupal. Just pretend you did not see that one 🙂 It does not belong into the menu.



    I hadn’t tried it before but just gave it whirl and it gives me the same error

    $DO || ! $DO ; try
    try: command not found

    i hadn’t noticed this before
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    been wondering about that for a while now.

    I’m just wondering about the new “Onlinestatus Indicator” link that appeared in the “Sigler Community” menu once you get logged in. When I’ve tried clicking through the link thus far I only get a blank white page with this message at the top:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function message_access() in /home/scottweb/ on line 161”

    Anybody else seeing this? Will this be a functional feature soon?

    Just looking for some information.

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