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One Universe and History

  • especially when what has happened in the past the FDO cannot go back and change the history if something else comes along and it would be a better fit.



    It’s not only a difficult constraint in general, it’s particularly difficult considering the ridiculous amount of output the FDO has! But I also think that the best art and writing is accomplished when the artist has to work within a constraint. At the end of the day he’s building a big, cohesive universe that fans can explore. Great stuff!

    I think it is significantly more difficult than a multi-universe approach as he has to keep everything straight without contradiction. Especially considering how exacting we Junkies are, any missteps would be caught and displayed prominantly. Just goes to show how much the FDO cares for his legions…at least until the Plaid tanks roll…

    When The “Washington, DC” miniseries started I had read The Rookie but hadn’t listened to any of The Crypt. There were still a lot of familiar concepts though simply because they occur in the same universe, though at different times. The connection (and the awesome miniseries, it should be said) made me curious enough to finally go back and listen to all of The Crypt thusfar.

    I love trying to pick out of each book things that relate to other stories.


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    I like it. 🙂

    One of the most interesting decisions that Pope Siglericus XXX made for his writing was to make the universe he writes in completely internally consistent, from the ones he writes in the present day to the Rookie’s time and setting, and everything in between.

    Luddite-types often whine that the internet is giving us all ADHD, but it seems to me that the FDO’s gigantic universe approach is something works particularly well in an online environment where you can piece everything together and such.

    Anyway, I’ve just been really fascinated by this choice ever since I learned of it–anyone have any thoughts on this as readers or writers?

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