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Okay, this was bugging me…

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    some connection with Magnus P. I believe he stated her code name as Farm Girl. Former CIA agent. I could be wrong.

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    it could easily happen, OH wait is someone dead now? maybe not. but she is only going by HER experience. 


    empathy is one of the skills that the FDO has, the ability to get into another persons head and then write in on the page.



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    So I’m listening to s’more Sigler-crack right? And I’m just at the part where Kayla has finished torturing Herbert (is that his name? I’m drawing a blank…) Anyhoo, she looks at him cowering and crying and everything, and she thinks

    "This is what all men were like at their core." Or something to that effect.

    I was wondering…

    Has Kayla Meyers EVER seen Perry Dawsey? It’s possible you know. Being a male, this really grinds my gears…

    I’m not really mad, but a Kayla/Perry confrontation would be interesting.

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