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Okay Junkies!!! Are you ready?!?! Less than 1 week! Where will you be?

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    That’s actually Hickory, but ask Jon Reep about it. Talked to the manager the other day and she said she only had 7 copies coming in and they were all pre-orders. While I was talking to her she got a call from some else looking for the book and immediately ordered 7 more. I told her it wouldn’t be enough.

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    It might be kind of cool to work out a way to hook up on that day….  Having a line of junkies all buying the book at the same time would be pretty cool….  PM them if you want… 

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    However my mother will be at a Barnes & Noble in Connecticut, buying me a copy of Infected. I am using my USA connections to get shit done. [I think, therefore I’m right. –Hugo Rune]

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    Houston at Murder BY The Book 04/11/2008 I would say amzn, but they don’t have any real pepole.

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    Hey, Can ya tell me when the Japanese version will be out.  Ill make a special trip out to Fukuoka, (Sorry, live kinda far away from Tokyo),  And Ill get it.

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    And if not, why not?  They could meet him to buy a book! 

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    -he builds pipe organs and she plays them (in churchs and stop with naughty thoughts and suggestive shit)

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    -the one at the Forum at 1604 & 35

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    Barnes & Noble in the Champions Shopping Center. I’ll be around at lunch-time

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    I’m in Edina that day.  I probably plan on being at either the Borders by the Shoppes at Lyndale (494/Lyndale) or the B&N on York (kind of by the library and supertarget).  I should be there by 11:15am – 11:30am.  Maybe lunch someplace nearby…  Anybody else in the area?

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    I am starting this forum to give Junkies a way to "get together"….  Make that social connection….  "Encourage" each other to buy books on the 1st of April.  For example… if you live in BFE Nebraska, and there are other junkies who also live in BFE, you could say "Hey!  I see you live in BFE!  So do I!  Let’s meet at the Barnes & Nobles by the BFE Mall at 11:30 on 1Apr08 so we can buy all the books they get in!"  Of course, BFE Nebraska will be getting only 4 of them, but that’s beside the point.

    So…   make a post with where you’ll be on the 1st of April and see what sort of a connection you can make!  This thread does have the potential of getting really huge and unwieldy… so Put your state and city in the subject line:  (ex: Nebraska – BFE) and try to keep it compartmentalized (that means organized junkies)

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