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Oh Chick McGee, I've missed you so!!!

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    Alright!!!!! So I was listening to Title Fight podcast. Toward the end of the series Chick McGee and Massar are the fight commentators.

    Ever since those two were introduced to me in The Rookie, (The MA version podcast, not the YA version!) they have beena fantastic source of comedic energy! Chick’s very VERY colorful analogies crack me up! Always ending with Massar shouting “CHICK!” followed immediately by “Sorry Massar, sorry folks at home.”

    Even though they were in the other GFL stories, he was YA, but hearing him in Title Fight in full offensive Mature Audience mode was a pure awesome!!

    Has any other junkies enjoyed him and his witty announcing style to the extent that he has been missed when in Young Adult stories?

    I look forward to more of those two characters in the future.

    Oh Chick McGee, I’ve missed you so!!!

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