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Novellas to be printed?

  • If you are looking a quality printouts and in digital format books, you should try at

    sad that the novellas wont see printing but looking forward to pandemic

    Just read my email saying that the Nocturnal TV show could happen– albiet a long shot, I would still unload hearty pump of dick vomit in my panties if this ever comes to fruition.

    So awesome to hear that the Nocurnal TV show is still a possability. I would LOVE to see that happen.

    Yep, they are on hold. As mentioned in the comments, all the details are in THE MVP Episode #16, and we’ll also explain a little more in this week’s newsletter. The bottom line: A and I have a chance at a NOCTURNAL TV show. That takes priority.

    Gads! That’s what I get for not having listened to the latest episode yet…

    On MVP Ep 16 Scott says the preorder’s off. Too many things are on the To Do list this year.

    Are you thinking about the graphic novels? They’re definitely on hold. I think the GFL novella collection is still on track though. (YES!)

    Bummed to hear about the canceled novellas compendium, I was looking forward to more beautiful hard cover additions on my shelf. Hope the rest of the exciting news works out though!

    @Dead_Silver_Eagle — No problem. I saw you flagged A’s comment and cleared it. Can happen to the best of us! Cheers, bro.

    preorder starts in about a week, I also may start to wet myself in anticipation, will need to borrow underpants from tux.

    xFloormattx: I wasn’t specifically talking about the pre-order of the books, I ordered a krackens t-shirt and was greatly anticipating the arrival. It actually showed up the day I posted that question so all is well.

    ARealGirl: That is awesome that the pre-order is going on that long. I was just making sure it wasn’t a 1 weekend thing because I would have had to go rob a bank to make sure I had the money. Since FDO said they will cost meeelions, I may be robbing a bank anyway. At least I will have some good books to read while I am vacationing in my local detention facility…

    @ARealGirl I tried replying to your comment but I accidently hit the flag button my apoligizex for doing so. the preorder will be up until June 30th will work wonders for me financially and it will probably help other Junkies as well. Once sorry I didnt mean to flag your comment.

    The pre-order window is from Superbowl Saturday (February 2nd) to June 30th.

    There’s typical a time window to order. A asks that you give your address and you’ll be emailed when the books should be published (since you are preordering them, they’re not physically printed on dead trees yet). And if you use Paypal, there’s a shipping notification once they are sent out. Dark Overlord Media likes to make a big deal about the packing up and shipping stuff too, so if you pay attention to the site or the podcast feed, you’ll see boxing-up videos, crowd-sourced helpers mailing it all out and certainly have a heads up when the books are on their way.

    No one makes actual book publishing an event like DOM.

    Also Also, I have placed an order on your website for something. Do I get a tracking number or do I have to wet myself in anticipation of the coming of the mailman everyday? I ask because I’m running out of underpants.

    Also, if you are only printing however many you have preordered, how long are you going to make them available for preorder?

    Oh no! Meeelions? I will gladly ship my first born to you for a copy of each of the novellas, but no one touches my meeelions.

    How about just an arm and a leg? or our first borns?

    @Tux: We’ll have an announcement on that very soon. They will cost meeelions of dollars, probably.

    Any idea how much they will be?

    According to the podcast titled “The Dom Year in Review” they will be putting out a hardcover of at least 3 novellas that will be made available for preorder on Superbowl Saturday. For more info check out the podcast.

    I have heard from another junkie that I work with that you will be putting the GFL novellas to print. Is this true? If so, when can I preorder?

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