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Noturnal Lost!

  • I think the FDØ meant not to share it on public forums & torrent sites, etc. He killed all the links to the original podcast when he released the rewrite for Crown. The goal was to keep new fans from getting confused by different versions of the same story. As long as it’s not floating around on the interwebs where new listeners/readers can find it and confuse it with the rewrite, I think he’s ok with Junkie-to-Junkie sharing. 🙂

    That being said, I have the original saved on an external hard drive & I’m happy to share with any Junkie that asks. You can email me at my username at gmail dot com.

    I do… but the FDO said not to share it…

    I would also love to get my hands on this. Many years ago when my wife and I had just started dating, we listened to the original Nocturnal and we continue to quote it back and forth. I would love to have it for our upcoming anniversary.

    I lost my copy of the originl Nocturnal podcast while changing computers. Does anyone have a copy they’d be willing to share?

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