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Nothing stings like the first fix

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    you can’t get away from the FDO!

    He reels you in, fills you full of his writerly goodness and you keep coming back!

    Mr Fast Fingers (title bestowed upon me by guestford_junkie)

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    Ahhh this is where it all began for me.

    When that damned Sigler snuck his way into Variant Frequencies with Title Fight. Speaking of fights, I got into a couple of fights with the wife over this one. See, I couldn’t pull the buds out of my ears. I used to love me some boxing, back before the teeth and the ears. And now… Now I’ve got a problem. A sigler problem. And I’m hooked. I’m bloodpacking my iPod for my vacation. When I come back, Ill be a changed … well Ill be changed. If the nice people in the white coats change me.

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