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Not a rookie anymore

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    I have sent the first 2 parts of my Rookieverse story to Mae for the Chop Shop.

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    But I’ll take what I can get.  He’s got the official schedule, and then whatever he fits in here and there…

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    Even a quick Rookie update would be great. However, a couple of Bloodcast episodes delving deeper into the Rookie Universe’s backstory would be even better.

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    There is some fan-fic in the Rookie fan-fic thread that my offer some relief.

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    I want more but I have to wait.


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    I’m not a football fan, by far, but I loved this story!!!   The big Q has been sitting on the sidelines long enough.  The Krakens were moving up and Quentin hasn’t located anything about his parents.  Maybe a short story to go with the short gap between seasons?  I love all the other stories, but could anyone else use a fix of The Rookie?  

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