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    Thank you for the help! Loving the book. On the first gen NOOK you have to put it in “Documents” to read. Too bad you don’t control B&N’s timeline A. 🙁

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    Unfortunately we don’t control their timeline. It was submitted two weeks ago, but when it goes live is outside our control.

    One option is for you to purchase the .epub from us (click on the “store” link above.) That will load just fine on your nook and you’ll be reading in no time.
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    I just finished reading MVP on my Nook (Simple Touch). Steps:

    1. Buy the EPUB version here (
    2. Connect the Nook to your computer via the USB cable; it should mount as a drive
    3. Copy the EPUB file to “My Files” – “Books”
    4. Unmount the Nook & you’re set.

    I can’t guarantee the above works for every different model of Nook, so check your user guide in case of doubt.

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    Hey, I was really looking forward to reading the MVP on my nook. Sadly it still hasn’t come out on their store. It has been more that your prescribed 2 weeks. I’M GOING CRAZY!!!!!!! All I can find on the NOOK store about the MVP is a pre-order for the paperback. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the free fiction Scott. Can’t wait for the MVP podcast.

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