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Nocturnal then and now

  • I’m not even done with it yet and I’ll repeat some small changes kinda buggin me, I will not comment until I’m done. Not to be construed as

    Hey Folks,
    so im through with the all new “Nocturnal”. And please dont get me wrong, the book is kick-ass, but i liked the original podcast a lot better. dunno why, maybe the whole gangwar setting suited me better.
    The new ending though was a blast.
    I just wonder why Scott rewrote the whole thing, would the book have been too long otherwise?
    Anyone knows?

    I’ve read the hardcover and listened to the original podcast version. Even though the changes that were made were in my opinion were necessary. I felt though that at the end that not enough attention was brought to Aggie and the infant that he was in charge of. What I would like to know is will there be a sequel to Nocturnal.

    would have loved to have the one line ‘yeah.. it would be cool to watch rocky right now’ left in lol but perhaps his goal was to make the novel a bit more serious?

    i agree with everything posted above but there are some small changes i’m not crazy about

    Hey all (and Scott),

    Just picked up the book yesterday as I posted in a prior posting elsewhere. I wanted to say Scott you’ve outdone yourself. As a rabid fan of the original Nocturnal free audiobook – yes I have listened to it in whole several times – I really felt like I had to come on here and say that you sir have taken your game to a whole new level. I say this with certainty and I’ve only made it through the first 35 pages so far.
    I’m trying hard not to read it too fast, but it’s not easy. I just wanna rip through it and read it all but I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible! I’ve been following your writing since the Infected days, and you really have developed your craft. This book is crazy detailed. I was blown away when (I won’t give away anything) you described the building of the first murder scene. You didn’t just describe the building but the types of businesses that were in the building etc.. you’re really nailing it.
    I thought Nocturnal would have made a great movie before, but now I’m convinced it could be done with a large budget. It would be nice to see an original movie. If you do end up getting a movie deal please promise a 3D version, 3D is badass 🙂 I can’t imagine anyone doing pookie’s voice other than you though.. think you can wear a fat suit and latex makeup to make you look the part??
    It’s probably just a simple Nocturnal fan’s dream to see that. It’s just not often that someone creates such legend-worth characters. I’ll try to be happy with what I have and look forward to the future 🙂

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