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Nocturnal RPG: There I said it.

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    I do believe a Siglerverse RPG/MMORPG would be awesome. But have it based kind of like Spore so you can play based in this Era and then also once you have played it far enough you play in the Crypt time line and then The Gfl time line, so you can play all aspects of it the Siglerverse

    So i have these books: Ancestor (2007 Editions)(2) EarthCore (2005) Infected Contagious Ancestor (2010) The Rookie The Starter The All-Pro Blood is Red

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    If you made a nocturnal video game with an arkham asylum feel to it…. Pure gold

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    That would work…

    I would love to see it as a video game too though.

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    … As a massive freeroam system in a videogame, like Read dead Redemption or GTA 4.

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    Started working on a mutation list and other basics using the Modern D20 rules for Dungeons and Dragons. I admit, it will take a loooong time, but hoping to be done by the end of the year and have a copy of the rules and a module done by the Spring to send to our FDO

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    I do love RPG’s but heres the thing, RPGs tend to suck the fun and interesting right of out of story/universe there attached to. I guess the main reason I stick with D&D is they atleast let me pretend to a force to be reckoned with, the new version of White Wolf World of darkness well just feels like the rules keep cock punching you for no reason beyond amusment. Well the stat rules any way. I haven’t check out Savage Worlds though. I suppose it could be fun though I’m not a big fan of home brew/3rd party sups for personal reasons ( I had an “I need to win the game by killling off players” GM/DM retard from early in my gaming days that kept pulling out 3rd party sups for baddies, but wouldnt let the players use the same supps stuff for player characters). That said hell to the yeah on the beer.

    Still I have to admit if the FDO ever wrote a freaking mod, for anything along those lines I would immedately need a fresh pair of boxers. I would like ot see what Sig do with a campagin setting… Any who, now I’m thristy and jonesing for a beer I’m gona go do something about that.

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    I’d buy, and I don’t even know what Savage Worlds is.

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    we’ve gotta get the chang bang in the new karma sutra i actualy have a good guess at how it would work too but the guy’d have to be strong the chik’d have to bee way skinny and the hula hoop would have to be really strong as well. it’d be an elite sex move only practiced by those who fit the criteria…..that and hula hoops would be featured at ur local sex store….if u have one of those

    I play my Polkadot jets against your Plaid tanks!

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    that would fucking kick ass!!1

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    North Carolina is where Sigler belongs….

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    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

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    Screw the RPG crap–we need an awesome line of homebrew or microbrew beer “based” on Nocturnal. Or for that matter, a line of beer based on the greater Siglerverse! You know, “Rookie Red,” “Nocturnal Stout,” Perry’s Pale Ale” (I’d be pale too after losing my raisins…), “Platinum Porter,” “Ionath Lager,” and for those tea drinkers out there–Triangle Tea (or: Quyth Chi). You get the idea…

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    seems like a good idea, even though I don’t know what Savage Worlds is.


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    I’m a geek. I’m going to adapt the Nocturnal Siglerverse into a homebrew setting for Savage Worlds.

    Honestly I think the Sigmeister should talk to someone in the pulp rpg industry (Shane L. Hensley) about turning the Nocturnal and/or some of his other creations into actual Plot point settings for Savage Worlds. Pinnacle Entertainment Group

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