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Nocturnal Promo

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    I don’t have my glasses on and I thought that this forum topic was…..
    NOCTURNAL PORNO……….. again….. sorry…… ratz!

    I need my fix, I love Pookie……

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    I’d love to have a new Promo for Nocturnal to run, and have realized that the only one I know of seems kind of outdated (although I think Scott is still perusing for new victims amongst the Sigler Site faithful…)

    Any chance of a new one soon??? Let us know!


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    you know, it occured to me that while Scott FINALLY changed his voicemail, we still have something that we can rag on him for: The Nocturnal Pormo! it still says to catch Nocturnal when it comes out on Oct 31 at midnight, but i think its been running longer than that, don’t you? Scott needs to update his promo. now.

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