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Nocturnal Gambit: The Second Faction

  • This is the second installment of Nocturnal Gambit, which I posted a month ago in the Ancestor forum ( ). I wrote this yesterday, so I’m not sure when the next part will come out. Hopefully in another month I suppose.

    I’d say spoilers for Nocturnal and Contagious at the moment with mentioning of Ancestor and Earthcore, but this piece in enveloping the entire Siglerverse, so if you’re a Sigler junkie, but too lazy to listen to it all, X it out now pussaaaaaaayyyyyy

    Nocturnal Gambit: The Second Faction

    The manager led First Born through the yard. When he came to ruined remains of the door, he ran his finger along the connected shrapnel until it slice into his finger.

    Men in Kevlar and P90’s followed the cow beasts through the hallway with shock-sticks as the creatures limped back to their holding cell.

    The suit wiped his finger on the handkerchief in his breast pocket, the crimson accenting the burgundy paisley before he clicked his nose back into position. First Born followed behind the man, trailed by the two lap dogs of war as the sirens returned into the wall

    “You have approximately 1.87 seconds to start talking,” First Born growled, the sounds of Desert Eagle slides loading two bullets behind him.

    The manager laughed, looking to sliding doors as he said, “My name is Isaac Leugar.”

    “If that’s what I wanted to know, I would have pulled your spine out and played the xylophone while your boys recited name, rank, and serial number.” First Born said as they passed the broken wall tunneling to the destroyed lab. “That, or I could have grabbed your dog tags.”

    Leugar turned around, arms showing the hallway. “We are obviously not government,” a commercial smile showing after-market pearls.

    “And I know a suit when I see one. You are not a suit.” First Born’s nail cutting a path to Roger’s Armani.

    Leugar turned to pick up stride as he said, “Oorah.”

    First Born let a tooth show through a smirk as he continued.

    Leugar sighed before continuing, “Earth is gaining far too much alien attention.”

    “Is it now?” First Born asked.

    “Even being cramped up in a wrecked boat under San Francisco, surely you know about Detroit.”

    “Yes, even in my cave, I know a nuke leveled Detroit,” First Born said. “But your own knowledge surprises me.”

    Leugar held his hands behind his back as the hall’s dead end slid open. Heading into the darkness, he started, “I know a little about a lot. It’s just that little bit that nobody else knows.”

    “So what is it about this impending disaster that you know of? I imagine it isn’t human.”

    “You struggle to pass as human, these things are aliens,” Leugar said as they began their descent.

    “So whatever you fucks nuked in Detroit, I have to deal with now?”
    “No, not quite. I was simply setting the precedent. Several thousand years ago, another group of aliens, the last of their race, escaped to our planet.”

    “So what has changed?” First Born questioned, still following in the dark.

    “The race they escaped from has sent scouts into our solar system. They are currently scouring the Earth, and it is only a matter of time before they locate our nearly extinct visitors.”

    First Born gained a step and said, “This seems like quite the task for these visitors. Why are they going through so much trouble to exterminate a race too cowardly and too few to pose a threat.

    The darkness couldn’t cover Leugar’s smile as he said, “I think you can relate to the scavengers in this respect.”

    “Is that so?”

    “They are hunting the hiding aliens, because sentients are somewhat of a delicacy, and these are the very last of this food,” Leugar said before stopping.

    First Born lurched to a stop, closer than his reactions required. “So these guy are pirates, sending food back?”

    The darkness opened into fluorescence and white scrubs as Leugar offered with a quarter-turn, “I suppose.”

    As they started into the room and past the scientists and their gizmos, First Born said, “So why are you coming to me? The government should have a better chance at fighting these things off.”

    “And here is the next problem. All of the major governments are sanctioning the search.”

    First Born sped to Leugar’s side and said, “But you think we will be next on these thing’s all you can eat buffet.”

    Leugar looked up to him and said, “That is the only logical conclusion.”

    First Born nodded and finished, “But if these parasites simply go missing, then our little sphere is safer for a little while longer.” A moment of silence passed as they neared the end of the room before he said, “So how many of these pirates are here?”

    The door opened as Leugar said, “From the best I could tell, four or five.” He moved aside, his arm offering the way as he finished, “Now let’s meet our wetwork team.

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