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Nocturnal fan-fic delayed

  • My computer has crapped out on me and that was where I had it saved. But I can give a taste.

    I fired my 9mm pistol at the cop. It hit him between the nose and ear. Bone, blood and skin flew off in all directions. Though the bloody mist I could see that he only had half a head. I guess what I said was skin was actually brain.

    Not to self- always aim for the head.

    Then the second guard walked in. I turned to 9mm and shot. The guy was half a head taller (pun intended). It hit him in the throat giving him a homemade tracheostomy. With my super hearing I could hear it sever the spinal chord and paralyze him. This didn’t matter of course because he was dead before he hit the ground.

    Fuck. It was the other two.

    Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. 5 shots for 2 people.

    4 hits. 1 miss. 3 for one cop and one for the other.

    They were both wearing bulletproof vests but it didn’t matter. THe first guy got hit in the knee, the shoulder, and the nose. He didn’t have a nose anymore. The other guy wasn’t so lucky. He got hit in the balls.

    One more shot to put him out of his misery. 

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