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No longer able to download purchased audiobooks

  • A, that worked. My problem was that I used different e-mail addresses to order from BmB in the past, so when I log on as Belladonna420, those purchases don’t show in my Purchases tab. Is it possible to transfer those items to my main account here? If not, that’s OK too, as long as I know I can access them if I ever need to.

    I just noticed that is currently under construction. I also see that we have a Purchases tab in our account settings here. Will our previous purchases from the original bmb site be linked to our accounts here? If not, will we have access to those purchases again when the bmb site is back up?

    Coming up on a month now with no response 🙁

    I purchased The Starter and The All Pro audiobooks from backmybook when they were released a few months back. I’m going to assume that the switch the a dedicated store on the actual site is the reason for this, but I was hoping I could gain access to the downloads for the new store. I have the email receipts saved and I’d like to relisten, thanks!


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