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No Dicipline???? (Major Spoiler Alert)

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     she was so fucked up, putting her down was the only thing left to do. she wasn’t even human anymore, so perry couldn’t even help her. my take on it, anyway


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    and her connnection to chauncey, she would not get it. at that point Perry was just wanted to get the mission over and why explain that to a child. those are my thoughts anyway. my opinion not the postion of these forums and the auther, hehehe



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I kept waiting at the end where Perry had Chelsey in his grip to tell her she needed "Dicipline!!", but it never came. I just knew it was coming since he seen her as spoiled at the end.

Was there a reason Perry didnt use one of his famous liners about "I’m helping you" or

"You need dicipline"?

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