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  • Had the same problem with the "Infected" release at a Jacksonville B&N.  They got it from the back, I told them they should put a few copies on the "New Release" table.  They did.  "Contagious" was already on the shelves and on the new release table as well.  Hopefully saying something made the diffrence…  If not, threaten them with chicken scissors and plaid tanks!!!

    The Barnes and Noble in Monroeville PA likes to keep the good stuff hidden away in the back as well.

    Had to wait for them to find mine in the back storage room. However the guy who went searching was at least smart enough to put a few copies of it out on the shelf next to Infected. 

    The contaat info if you want.

    at Borders Books in Carew Tower. They didn’t have any copies of the books out and when I asked they said there might be some in the back that they hadn’t gotten to yet, but I couldn’t wait around for them to look.I ordered it on line instead.


    I want you to know I just went to buy your book at Barnes and Noble,  
    but it was no where to be found! I figured it must have already sold  
    out, but when I asked a sales person he told me that it was still in  
    boxes in the back! He went to the back and got me 1 copy… when I  
    asked when they were planning on putting the books on display, he told  
    me by the weekend! This shit is FUCKED up… you need to handle this  
    shit pronto…

    Barnes & Noble. 3003 W Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77025-1504. Phone:  
    (713) 349- 0050.

    Let me know what happens!

    A Faithful Junkie,
    Aaron Singerman

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