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NFL – Tier 2?

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if the NFL started a Tier 2 league and implemented the relegation rules of the GFL!? The more I think about it the more awesome it sounds! Call it NFL2. There would be 32 more teams. The bottom team in the AFC and the bottom team in the NFC get relegated to their Tier 2 equivalent conference and the the top 2 from Tier two get to move up. Nearly year-round football. I think it’d probably put the Arena League out of business! Think about how many more people and cities would have a chance to possibly have their own pro franchises, and see the stars play in their hometowns!

    …and what about the NBA doing the same? In fact, it’d probably be easier for the NBA than the NFL. They’ve already got the “Developmental League.” Why not make the D league Tier 2 instead? How much more exciting would it be to see the possiblity of 2 new teams every year then watching teams like the Cavs (sans Lebron), the Timberwolves, and the Warriors suck it up every year? Again, how many new cities would get the chance to see the stars come play on their hometown courts?

    Also, as Scott so well describes in his books, it would make MANY more games important and worth watching because the fight to stay off the bottom would be just as important as the fight to get into the playoffs!! As it is now when two bottom-dwellers play in either sport, especially late in the season, it’s not much more than a glorified scrimmage!

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