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Next GFL book release date?

  • The real question is, will OS1 ever win a title. I’m waiting 😀

    Is there any new update about book 6 of the gfl series

    saw on scotts page an august 7th update hes on the second editing of the book. I am ok with him taking his time and getting ANOTHER epic book. Just wish there was a couple more updates here and there cause all I have its antsyness.


    Many are wondering about the next GFL book, but the interest is dying down. Please give us a little light at the end of the long tunnel. I did a pre-order on Alive a long time ago with the promise of $15 off on a book that we haven’t heard anything about for a while. I would have bought the book anyway, but the note we got was something along the lines of “keep your panties on and wait until 2016”. Just looking for the next fix. Thanks.

    Hi Scott, not being funny but where’s the news on the next GFL book??? I mean seriously keep your fans at least up to date, I do appreciate that you have a lot of projects on the go but your a little overdue, not saying you G R R Martin overdue but if you take a look at nathan lowells website you’ll see that he least keeps his fans up to date. I’ve got credits waiting on audible for the release! I hope this comes off ok I’m a massive fan of all your work and really not complaining just looking forward to a particularly beloved part of your franchise 🙂

    Can we please get a release date? I just blew through this series and wish I had spread it out more. I NEED more lol. For real though, the new book would be nice…like ASAP

    Nice plot line 🙂

    Wonder if the next three books are along these lines

    Book 6 – The Coach
    During the off season Gredok the Splithead searches for a replacement coach, but due to his distrust of all things non Gredok, he is unable to make a decision. Meanwhile Quentin Barnes finds his injury is as bad as the Doctors informed him, and reluctant to return next season not being the Quarterback, he approached Gredok. Gredock, seeing an opportunity, and as well as realising that he still has Quentin contracted for another 5 years, demands that Quentin be the coach until a fitting replacement can be found. Quentin and Petra make up their differences and Quentin agrees to consider her requests. The Ionath Krakens pull off the trifecta, with Quentin as Coach. The book ends with Gredock employing Don Pines to take over coaching the team, and Quentin, who has annoyed Gredock one time too many is let go. Quentin flees to Prawatt because his protection against terrorist attacks has now gone

    Book 7 – The Owner
    Quentin Barnes has retreated to the Prawatt to attempt to play The Game, but his injury keeps hiom out of this as well. Petra decided the Prawatt need to be involved in the other races to a greater amount, and Quentin Barnes becomes the owner of the first Prawatt francise, The Prawatt Punishers. With the Tweedy Brothers out of contract he signs them up for his new team. The Prawatt Punishers just manage to make the finals, and end up meeting the Ionath Krakens in the final, where they win. During the victory celebrations the terrorists attack and kill Commisioner Frode.

    Book 8 – The Commissioner
    Quentin Barnes becomes the Commissioner of the League

    So the official answer (from episode 39 of The Champion) is “we don’t know”. =)

    Maybe around football season of 2016? (I think it’s this year that’s being skipped, right?) I don’t want to say anything for sure because I know Sigler takes on a lot of projects and I don’t believe I’ve heard a commitment to the next GFL book in 2016 anywhere.

    Excuse me if any of this info is incorrect! I know the year that was being skipped was discussed in some episode I recently listened to, but I don’t have the motivation to figure out which ep that was to double check. =p

    Any idea of next GFL book release date… CAN’T WAIT!!!

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