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Newly Infected

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Good work Saddock. Try not to make me mad again.

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I discovered his work on the zune network. (microsfts answer to ipod)

oops…. I pooped

Your transpondic leather work is without compare! Tongue out


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  • get on with it boy!


    I do believe that after posting the trailer from Ancestor on my Facebook a friend of mine has been infected by it and will go and buy the book.

    It’s still in my “to do” queue.


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  • or did I just get that from Itunes?!


    That’s how I got started with him. Now I make sure it all gets up over there. I’m kind of slacking on getting Kissyman & the Gentleman up. Gotta post those soon.


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  • you must be as I keep coming back every day.


    out on waiting so long to sign up!! But we’re glad you’re here now!! Laughing

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    and listened for a a long time before I finally signed up over here on the site.



    I’m doing my part to make sure the FDO has minions in the future. My 14 yr old read a section of Infected to her reading class and they were excited by it. I’m keeping our rich family tradtion of SCARY IS GOOD going. Besides when I was 11 yrs old 95% of my reading material was bodice rippers and Stephen King. Lol

    Okay, to the non-initiated, sure that sounds like a seedy incestuous back-basement activity, but we know better. Good on ya!


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  • I discovered The FDO thanks to Escape Pod which was the first Podcast that i ever downloaded and have been hooked since. I recently accompanied my eighty three year old Grandad to his yearly army reunion and i wrapped up Ancestor whilst there. He saw the book and asked to borrow it. I’m still waiting for feedback.

    Any good mothr knows that proper progression for furthering Siglerism is to infect their children. Laughing

    I discovered Scott Sigler on ITunes. After I had listen to everything he had on there I went on and on to my kids. Now my 14 and 11 yr olds are junkies. They actually fight over the books and will steal them from each other.

    I found infected on iTunes somehow and was instantly hooked, then I heard there was more and got more excited. these books truly do keep you wanting to read more and more until you’re finished just to see what happens next! 

     It’s always a pleasure to have a new international Junkie!

    Scott has so many projects (37 at last count) in the pipeline that it’s difficult to tell exactly which sequel will be forthcoming next. 

    I too am ecstatic that Ancestor is coming out in April. It remains my favorite of all of his work. "That sure as fuck aint no cow!"



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    It’s always great to have another person infected!!

    Hope you are enjoying Nocturnal.  I’m with you, I can’t wait for Pandemic to come out but to hold us over, at least we’ll have Ancestor next year 

    i downloaded Infected from Itunes like a week ago, i was not sure if it was good or not, my girlfreind said it was, so what the hell… I LOVE that book also Contagius they bouth RockLaughing,

    im hearing Nocturnal right now, i cant wait for the third book from the Infected ¨saga¨ to come out soon Cool 

  • I can’t remember who lead me to Sigler – Mike and Evo, Escape Pod, someone else?
  • I showed up a few episodes into Earthcore. So I was here very near the begining.
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  • looking for some scary stuff and saw Earthcore. I got hooked immediately.

    I’m a football fan, so I found the FDO through the Rookie on Now I’m a crack addict…

    Party On Garth

    "No bout a doubt it…."

    large and interwoven. what is it they say, six degrees of separation. hell just find the right

    strand pull on it and there the FDO is. 

    I LOVED it! I can not wait to read "Contagious"! I will buy it as soon as I have time to drive the 30 minutes it takes me to get to the nearest book store.

    through various ways
    i found him through escappod.
    that was my jumping off point for the podverse


    I Actually found ISBW through the Heaven Series which I found through Podiobooks and Scott Sigler.  

    What a tangled web we weave…

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    I have not yet finished Infected but, already I concider myself a junkie. I can not wait to read more! Scott is so freakin amazing! I found out about Scott through the podcast I Should Be Writing. ISBW is a podcast for wannabe writers by Mur Lafferty. I am sure I am not alone in finding him through ISBW.

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