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Newly converted addict in the den…

  • I’ve listened to Infected, then the Bloodcasts, Contagion (currently fiending for Pandemic), The Rookie, The Stater, The Allpro, Earthcore, and Ancestor. I’m not a football fan, but love our FDO that I had to hear the GFL books. I’ve just bought Nocturnal for Kindle, and it will collect dust until Scott does the podcast. What madness is this? I enjoy Scott’s voice, and no one can narrate an audio book as well as the author. I think our FDO has a promising career as a voice actor!

    Turned onto this hellish nightmare by a fellow Podder of yours (I’m the definition of a neophyte in this realm, myself).

    Outstanding! This little piece of evil has scrabbled itself an icy grip wound round my aural nerve. You cannot possibly move enough of this sinister product to feed my newfound, aching need, you sadistic prose-pusher!

    In other words: Thank you, Sir, may I please have another?

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