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New test post in ANCESTOR Forum, by Scott

  • And now I have to go back to Ancestor.

    I stuck my hand in my pocket (I Figure I can’t scab off the free stuff for ever, Sig’s has gotta eat) So now I’m 1/2 through Pandemic (and loving it) the trouble is Dr Feely didn’t leave much of an impact with me during Ancestor and as such I’ve as good as forgotten him, and now he’s a massive part of Pandemic, so now I have to go back to Ancestor to get more background on Dr Feely Good.

    Sig’s you really are a barsted 🙂

    Well bugger me, I’m listening to them in order.

    That can’t be right, I normally always phuff these things up

    @natalief: THE ROOKIE is more space opera with heavy (but underlying) political elements. The era is based on World War I reconstruction, and is a metaphor for the racially unifying power of sports.

    P.S. Is The Rookie as science horror as the other books you list above? It is the science that I love about your sci-fi/horror books – I have a BSc Biochemistry!

    Well, I *would* try The Rookie again but the podcast is not on iTunes for some reason. Ah well, I will carry on with the re-listen to Contagious (Infected was great!).

    Ah no worries about the continuity then – although the version I listened to had advertising for the print book…

    I will try thr rookie again once I run out of your other books! ;-p

    @natalief: The continuity problems are either corrected or they are an artifact that won’t be fixed at this point. I don’t control that book so can’t make fixes easily.

    Hey, at least you tried THE ROOKIE, which is all I can ask.

    Thanks for your reply!

    I did end up listening to Infected first – the free podcast version.

    I have already tried The Rookie which is how I know it just did not grab me. I might try it again once I run out of podcasts to listen to but sadly I never see that happening. ;-p

    P.S. I found a couple of continuity problems in Perry’s bathroom scene. You probably already know them and have edited them out in the paper version but do you want me to mention them?

    @natalief: Okay, so many questions!

    The timeline for modern-day books is based on the publication date. EARTHCORE has been removed from publication and will be re-written and put out soon (2015, we hope).

    So the official order of the books, timeline-wise, is:

    That should help!

    As for the football books, I highly recommend you check out THE ROOKIE audiobook. If you like my other stuff, don’t let the “football” get in the way. The game and the league are a backdrop for a rather surprising hero’s quest.

    Hi Scott. I have created a login to the forums but cannot see how to create a new thread on the Ancestor forum.

    My question is, Where does Ancestor fit in with the Earthcore, Infected, Pandemic, Nocturnal, etc. timeline? I am re-listening to all of your audiobooks and notice references to characters and events from other books but cannot decide in what order to listen to them and the wiki timeline is pretty limited/lacking.

    – Tim Feely in Ancestor and Pandemic.
    – Detroit mentioned in many books.
    – Perry Dawsey mentioned all over the place.

    P.S. Extra fact for interest and perhaps to ignore: I cannot get on with the football/sports books at all and so have not listened to those.

    This is a reply to that shiz.

    Here is a test of the forum system. Oh, lookee mee!

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