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New Science Fiction StackExchange site

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    Yeah, I got up this morning and noticed that too. I thought it was a good idea when it first started, but now it seems the group has been overun with a few moderators with sticks up their collective asses, going about closing questions willy-nilly now.

    Sorry I recommended it now.

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    Sorry bud, but it just doesn’t look like my thing. Also they appear to have randomly closed that thread for no real reason. I thought it was perfectly clear. Though it would seem that Wikipedia is wrong Laughing from what I know.
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    I just wanted to let the junkies know that there’s a new forum, along the StackExchange lines, for Science Fiction. As an OJ, I would like to invite all other OJs and New Junkies (NJs? NewJs?)… whatever.. to participate in the question/answer format.

    Plus, I’m really getting tired of the Star Trek/Star Wars questions. It needs some new blood.

    I’ve already posted the first FDO question here.

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