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NEW released Audiobook

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    I’m finally getting around to listening to this, and it’s interesting trying to pick out the differences between this and the original podiobook version.
    I think Phil is doing a great job. Every time he does Brian’s Voice I hear Patrick Warburton (Brock Sampson in Venture Brothers, Kronk in Emperors New Groove, etc).
    It helps that Brock Sampson could easily be a Zed/Savior.

    i tried and tried not to get the complete audiobook but i gave in and i love this book.

    Phil does a very good job with the voices and i can see why the fdo felt comfortable letting his mind babies go to this guy.

    Ace book.

    i agree with several of the above listed posts, the characters are the same but this is a different book than the original, i like phil but to tell the truth and i’ve mentioned it before, this is scott’s baby and no one brags on their baby better than the parent, it’s still one of my favs so believe me no complaints, i also picked it up on audible for the car.

    Just finished listening to the Audible version. Awesome! Can’t wait for the next rise of the monsters and to find out how Brian’s hunting skills improve!

    While I really the FDO’s readings, I must admit that Phil is quite talented (especially when it comes to the range of voices and the female voices)…I look forward to listening to many more of our FDO’s books read by either of them!

    Now I’m ready to tackle the GFL series! (pun intended)

    I admit I hated the new guy for the first couple episodes. I think it was more of a longing for the FDO’s voice. However, after episode 3 or 4 he started to grow on me. I think he is doing a great job, I’m enjoying it.

    Yeag, listened to the gosspel of Sigler for a good number of years and I find it difficult to get Siglers voice out of my head haha.

    The podcast grabbed me kicking and screaming, and couldn’t resist purchasing the full audiobook off of iTunes while visiting San Fran on business. I quite literally finished while the airplane back to my home in the mid-west took flight.

    It took me a little while to warm up to Phil, but he’s a fine choice — especially when the Shrit hits the Fran. My only beef is that he reads. soo. slow. I ended up listening to it at x2 speed.

    Just got it. Have a road trip. All set now.
    Thank You
    Oscar Woody
    The guy who sits on people! really I sit on people? Maybe I could at least have A knife? lol

    oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah… new audibook available on .. Got it now no more waiting week to week get my fix… when I want..

    Scott, A Kovacs and Big Voice Phil; y’all need a standing ovation for the work y’all have put into the NEW Nocturnal. I do miss all the over-exaggeration that Scott adds to his voices. I have listened to Phil’s greatness on a couple of Terry Brooks stories and he is doing a fine job here as well.

    Have you ever thought about using more than one person for voices? I am sure it would be a huge endeavor, but it could big a big payoff.

    New guy is good. Professional.

    Too professional maybe. There’s a certain element of fun and cheese in Scott’s reading that will be sorely missed.

    @VanDamage This is not just a re-read of the old Nocturnal. It’s a complete rewrite so while it’s basically the same story, it’s still very different from the original.

    I’m also still adjusting to Phil’s readings, but I’m sure after a couple more episodes it’ll be all good. 😉

    I am waiting till a few more episodes in before I start listening. I have a question, what are the differences between this book and the original?? (I loved the original) Are there many or is it just a re-read?

    Sorry to say I don’t like the new guy I much prefer scott reading it doesn’t sound any where near as good as scott. I’m not sure I can listen to it which is a real cos I love these story’s

    I was pulled in by GFL series, well technically Kissyman and The Gentleman. I’m not a fan of horror, generally speaking, however the FDO pulls me into the story so quick. I don’t really have any control, all I can do is listen.

    I have to say, I was disappointed to hear Scott wasn’t recording all of the shows but I completely understood. With one episode in, I’m completely fine with Phil, he was outstanding.

    Thanks for all the time and hardwork.

    – McTuff

    OK, yea. This new guy reads well but, I will have to listen to him for a few chapters before I am able to get Scotts voice outa my head.
    Scott sounds a bit quirky but I am past that now. Every one of his books I read I have his voice in my head and not mine. Makes for a much better read.
    Let’s hope the guy is able to get us all through the book with out killing mood.

    Today, October 27, 2013, The Great and merciful FD0 graced the world of Podcasting with Chapter 1 of Nocturnal.

    And personally, I liked Phil and his reading.


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