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New Podiobook – Capitol Coven

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    I think Black Shadow became a very differant story when the demonds started showing up

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    -this why i’ll never podcast, NOBODY wants to hear that, my students used to call me bill stein and ask me to say "clear eyes" or "wow". nope, never did (except for once, but they had to ask me on the last day of school and only one student heard me)

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    Is his own enthusiasm.  It does come on way too heavy at times, I agree.  the rest of it… eh…  Of course, I’d take what he does over some guy who just reads his stuff monotone…  Those just get to me…  

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    -but black shadow, the boy needs to mature, he’s got what it takes to make a really good show, just needs some editing and script management. his production is usually good (sound effects do tend to be overpowering), it’s the dialogue and reading style that get it into trouble from my point of view.

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    I watched all the series of buffy and this is just too far from the original series for me the acting snt good and the scripting relies way too much on the scooby gangs little catchphrases and gets irritating fast.I listened to the 1st couple of episodes and gave up.

    As for black shadow iv stuck with it but in the last couple of episodes its been an excercise in how to say frack way way to many times and all the little throw away lines that include the names of podcasters and such is just way too hammy and over the top

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    -i haven’t seen the show and i was clueless to what was going on. i heard the interview you did in the feed, sounded good, so i kept on listening. i will get back with it, i am stubborn that way, i hate starting something and not finishing it. is there an synopsis of the series by seasons somewhere in cyberspace? (OH, i didn’t finish the interview, got very curious and went straight to first episode)

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    Buffy Between the Lines pretty much is intended for people who have watched through Season 1-5 at least. Hence the title "Between" 😀 And really enjoyed by people who have watched the entire series and the comics. But you need to be at least familar with the storyline.

    Go catch up Buffy and come back – we’ll still be around.


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    -it’s me, i just don’t have the patiences to keep with it for now, maybe later. i never watched the tv show or the movie. so it would take me a bit to get the hang of things and some of the references would be lost on me.

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    I like Buffy between the lines but you are right on about black shadow, too many references to Superman and Smallville etc…

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    Tabz, the producer of Buffy Between the Lines is an OJ.  You should contact her and let her know what’s turning you off the show.  She wants a quality product and listener feedback is important.
    So speaks the voice of Joyce.
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    -i am fixing to stop black shadow and buffy between the lines
    they just got annoying for me, i am more into the space opera anyway, star trek and the like, i also like sigler, mur, bennett,  not sure about nemcoff (i am getting a bit annoyed with his latest), hutchins (IF he ever podcasts anything again and i don’t mean interviews)
    but then again, live’s a bitch, then you die

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    This one just hit podiobooks the other day…   Thought I’d mention it and see what everyone else thinks…

    Personally, the production values aren’t the good, the voice is somewhat irritating…

    But the story seems to be engaging and fairly well written…  I’ve actually gotten to the point of enjoying it (took the first 2 episodes to get me there though)…. There’s been a few on podiobooks lately that I won’t add for different reasons…  Anybody else try this one?

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