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New junkies

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    Great to have you with us timberwoof!

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    Thank you sir! Love to hear folks digging THE ROOKIE. A and I are pretty thrilled that it looks like we’ll be sold out by 2012. Only 29 copies left of the hardcover! RAWK.

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    Spread the word, like Catalyst – let’s hit that 10K mark! All you lurkers, erm Guests, take the dive – Join in the fun. One of us! One of us!
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    The Books of Sigler that i Own: EarthCore(2005) | |Ancestor(2007) | | Infected | | Contagious | | Ancestor(2010) | | The Rookie | | The Starter | | The All-Pro | | Blood is Red | | Nocturnal (Pre-Order) | | {+ I bought a copy of all the above for my dad

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    Been listening and reading Scott’s books for some time now and just became a junkie on the forum. Just wanted to throw that out there.

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    a little over 200 new junkies of becoming a strong 10,000 of us. Plaid Tanks can’t be too far behind

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    thanks scott you you helped me understand american football. I’ve started waching now I sort of understand it. still not as good as rugby or football sorry (english football). Its very chess like but needs more flow. DO away with quaters just have half time, the game would flow more. Sorry to interfear.Thank you for opening my eyes too american football. It’s like rugby but with pads.

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    I recently found out about our FDO and have already listened to almost all the books.

    Thanks Scott for all the great work and I just purchased Ancestor as a small way to thank you for these great stories. The Kissyman is a fantastic character and can’t wait for his next adventure.

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    a little Sigler up in my friend’s wife tonight. But her curiousity came because of the Baby-Face Bastard himself, Hutchinsssssssssssss, she loved 7th Son. Got her starting off with Ancestor since she likes the sciencey stuffs.

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    i recently infected me mums. my mums is awsome

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    My two boys (Highschool senior & university freshman) turned me on to the Sigler Podiobooks. We started with Infected & Contagous and it’s been lots AND LOTS of violence ever since then. I love all the stories but I think my favorite thing is the Siglar disclaimer… “Turn it off Now PUSSAAAAY !”

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    You’re making me blush and that isn’t good for my image. Wink

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    is my favorite too!


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    All in the one package! MuchAdo RAWKS!

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    Pusher twice over.

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    You’re banking in to fly under the bridge as we speak!

    Faith – that which enables us to believe things we know to be untrue (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

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    That would be me. See, I am a bad ass after all!

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    I’ve almost finished Nocturnal and it is absolutely going to be my favorite!

    Faith – that which enables us to believe things we know to be untrue (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

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    I have been a JunkieNewbee sense November and I am a little behind on the podcast (been a bit busy, no excuse I know) but I did hear my Junkie shout out on Title fight #8 thank you and looking forward to more good horror coming from you.

    I never said I was right

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    While it’s not horror it is definitely a very entertaining listen. I actually listened to the Rookie because of a promo I ran across in another podcast. The thing is I totally hate football, but still loved the story. But seeing as you are a horror fan I agree with the others, Nocturnal or Infected would be a fabulous place to start! Have fun!

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    nocturnal has to be my favorite, just love the brian/pookie dialog. its priceless. the story freaks me out in that city boy who knows things live in the underbelly kinda way!

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    You mean something more specific than everything Sigler has written? 😉

    “Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie.” {UNdead GirlCo Knight for Sigler}

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    I’m new too. I’d start with infected/contagious. I did them in reverse, being a newbie.

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    It’s a slow starter, but I found it the best sigler book thus far. The brian/pookie interactions are completely priceless.

    I was however pleasantly surprised by both Earthcore and the Rookie. I’m not a big football fan, and I genuinely dislike geology. But both of these books were fantastic. So what is better? A book that you think you’ll like and turns out to be Completely AWESOME! or a book which you expect to dislike, which turns out to excellent? I’m not sure, but it just oges to show how awesome a writer Scott is.

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    Nocturnal is a great place to start, and Infected is the de facto Sigler Classic that really set the bar for scifi horror.

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    Nocturnal or Infected to start with. Nocturnal is my fav Sigler podcast. Be sure to follow up Infected with Contagious.


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    ok confession to make have not read any sigler books…shock…horror…what do you recommend as a start…love horror and have read lots of other authors…so let me have some recommendations…pretty please

    i’m new to the forum and should like to say hi to you all from the UK…it’s cool here Cool

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    Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616]

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    Just turned on 2 more junkies for the FDO’s growinf army. Connected with them through the MMO i play. Working on Infecting more every day!

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