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New books vs sequels vs existing

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     Iwould like the starter, like everyone else. But anything is great.


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    First things first… get successfull enough to deal out the crack full time…  whatever it takes!  

    After that, it’s a tossup…  

    Love the Rookie, want to see the starter…

    Really liked earthcore, interesting to see the next adventure

    Ancestor kicked ass, want to see them babies feed

    Went fricken ape-shit over Nocturnal, really wanna know what happens next

    The crypt is still in its infancy, but it looks like it will be exceedingly most triumpant

    Most gut-wrenching feeling?  Give me the Starter

    Really close second?  Nocturnal II

    Of course, he wants to set up the crypt as an awesome tv/movie series…  To do that, you’ve got to have content, and a lot of it.  So get kraken! uh, I mean crackin’!

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    I want that sequel to Earthcore and Nocturnal!!!!!!!!!!!

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    of course, but I thought it’d be nice for us to let him know what would keep his loyal constituency happy.  It’s his business and livelihood on the line, so he’s gonna do what he has to and we’ll just have to suck it up and take it like the little junkie biatches we are.  However, if he ever has to mull whether to do one or the other, he just might look at this kind of discussion to see where to go.

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    The Rookie is the greatest book Scott has put out….

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    Te be honest, a sequel to The Rookie would be number one on my list, but at the same time the Crypt is shaping up to be something very special.

    I guess we just need to see what the FDO want’s to. Whatever that is will be fine with me.

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    and what is best for the FDO are two separate things.  I think getting the existing stories edited and into print will boost Siglers name recognition, which will lead to contract extensions, which will lead to more books.  Just my gut feeling.  Unfortunately that may mean I’ll have to wait on sequels and new books – but I’m all for getting the FDO recognition.  Knowing what I know about the FDO (yeah Sigler, I share your childhood nemesis) being able to work on several things at once may be better for him!!!!  But I’ll let him decide that!

    "Well. I’ll tell you what. You gonna kick it with me. Or I’m gonna kick you out. What you think of that?" Sister Mary Clarence 

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    Eh, couldn’t find a better forum for this one (and I’m avoiding the CONTAGIOUS forum until I finish the book this weekend).

    While I loves me some new content, I’m beginning to get the feeling that Scott’s got quite the library of ready-to-go novels queued up.  It was kind of apparent during the whole NOCTURNAL/INFECTED/CONTAGIOUS overlap that it’s tricky to try to do a new story at the same time as putting together a sequel AND publishing an existing print version along with the podcast that goes with the new edit.

    So, the question for junkies is:  which would you like to see Scott focus on more?

    1)  Getting the existing stories edited and into print

    2)  Working on all those damn sequels he’s promised us (DESCENDANT, STARTER, MT. FITZROY)

    3)  Generating all new "worlds" like NOCTURNAL and THE CRYPT (sorta)

    As a point of order, I’m leaving PANDEMIC out of this discussion, since it’s a "have-to" sort of thing.  It will get written, and it will most likely trump everything else as it’s already in the pipeline plan.

    Personally, I’m torn between all three.

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