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New Badge Bragging Thread HERE!

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"We serve at the pleasure of the FDO"

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First congrats on your CA badge.  Second, good luck with the MRI – here’s praying that all is well.  Third, I love the dizzy dame comment.  That one just made my day – Thanks!!!!  Sending some crack your way to make your day enjoyable as well!!!!!

"Well. I’ll tell you what. You gonna kick it with me. Or I’m gonna kick you out. What you think of that?" Sister Mary Clarence 

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"I kill people, I don’t murder them, look it up Sweats!" Agent Celie Booth

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 My blood work came back "normal" and more than likely I just had a low blood sugar episode. I don’t pay as close attention as I should to getting that light headed need to eat signal.

  A wonderful friend of mine tweeted me, when I told him my blood work was normal with the following: "So they just verified that you are just a naturally dizzy dame"! I LOVE that. 

  My life is good in spite of anything that comes along. God healed me from very serious mental illness. (I no longer see trees sneaking around parking lots giggling and plotting to kill me). I told God that if I ever got well enough to actually go out and do stuff that I was going to suck all the gusto out of life I could get. I have and am doing that. Life is good. It could always be so much wowrse.

   I met a guy on the bus today with Alzheimer’s who refuses to use a walker. Now THAT is heavy stuff. Me, meh not so much. I’ll posst my MRI results when I get them sometime next week.

  Junkies rule, but the ones with the BADGES are just a little bit special… LOL

"Defeat HELL! I’m advancing to the rear." –Gen. George Patton

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Good luck with the MRI thats heavy stuff

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Yes Junkies! (See if you can brag more obnoxiously then me)

   I have NO shame. I just got an official Private message from Gmork that I, OJ s13cybergal have been given a BADGE for my cameo appearances in Nocternal. Since I wasn’t killed off (Yet) = KISS (Killed In Service of Sigler), I may show up again somewhere else. Oh fame, so fleeting, but SO sweet!

  Since I’m going in for my first MRI tomorrow at 6:45 AM to find out why I’m falling down when just standing still. This is especially nice. I may have a gerbal growing in my brain, but I can die happy knowing that from this time on I’m OJ s13cybergal (CA). (contented and very satisfied sigh)

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