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Nat Edu Conf and beyond

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    I think there’s a lot more than popcorn entertainment in there, but as the author I’m obviously a bit biased. The themes of racial tolerance, resisting your culture when your culture is wrong, and maintaining independence and staying on a path to your goals in the face of massive temptation are key elements of the storyline.

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    Glad Scott and ARG went and happier that the GFL books/concepts were well recieved. Anything that introduces and gets people into reading promotes a mindset that benefits all art – and more. Really it’s all about excercising the mind. Broader mindsets see or are at least open to more possibilities, more solutions. Something we should have more of in our world’s leadership.

    The Big Read Project some years back which included some cool interaction with Ray Bradbury was a step in this direction. I bet Scott gets more play with his efforts though. The Bradbury event was cool but isolated.

    So yeah, at first glance the GFL books are popcorn entertainment. But who knows what affects may precipitate because of it 20-40 years down the road.

    hu ra

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