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MY Sigler tour of San Francisco!

  • Once a junkie, always a junkie.

    Man, you freaking rock! Thanks for the visual!

    Great work,

    Thanks, this makes the story even more alive !

    It could be real…. or is it real…?

    Congrats, Snafu. What a stellar idea!

    I can’t see the pictures…only the list..where are they? I am kinda computer retarted so..sorry..

    Thanks for posting the pics. Am I the only one who sees Savior in one of the pics?


    Seriously, this rules beyond. Gracias to you for the sharing
    I am a masterpiece of self destruction

    With your imagination, I don’t see how you can walk around anywhere at night.
    Especially with these pictures of actual places in your book.
    I for 1 won’t go crawling into any caves in Utah, I don’t know about you.

    Now I think you’ve ruined San Francisco for me.

    NEVER apoligize for being a recent convert to Siglerism. You have seen the light, my friend, and that light is goooooood.

    This is some pure fucking awesome shit…
    Yes, I’ma newb, so sue me……

    The Irishman from Ohio

    Were going to need more pictures of the places in nocturnal. There will be pilgrimages there soon enough.

    I’m extra impressed by the dumpster being there.

    WOW!! I’m stunned by this. Just amazing. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced as an author. THANKS!!


    Even better than using streetview…


    Mike–heh heh heh—>

    Did you try to move the dumpster? Look for the blood stains. I know if I saw the symbol, I’d crap my knickers!

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    You can even see the holes in the wall where his body got impailed with the railroad spikes.

    Did you look closely at the people around you there……? I notice one picture (Kyle Souller’s house) that looked like it was taken at night. Things do look a lot more sinister at night…..

    thats really awesome , makes me wonder if scott has been to all these places. i know he lives there , but i mean does he actually stake out the places so he can better descripe them in his book ??

    well do you sigler ?? yes you, i know you are reading this. stop lurking in the shadows !


    This is awesome!!! And there’s actually dumpsters in the alley where Paul Fischer is killed!! I think that picture is my favorite. It gives a great visualization of the murder scene.

    Hey..would you mind if I used these in the Siglerpedia wiki for Nocturnal,/a>?
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    A few weekends back I went up to SF for a football (Sadly my Buccaneers lost) While I was there I went a little sightseeing tour, not your everyday run of the mill tour mind you but a tour of the Siglers sick mind and the sights of Nocturnal.

    Using the the map Scott has posted I made a route that would take me be some of the major locations in the book (that is, those that were posted before my trip).

    I walked all threw the fair city of San Francisco and after seeing the golden Buda statue, and the stairs down to the bathroom in the LiPo Lounge I was scared that “something” was going to jump down from on high, grab my ass and take off with me while i was roaming SF!

    I took some pics, but being a techtard I am not sure how to post them here. I am posting them in the order I walked the here goes!

    If I get this wrong…please forgive.

    Pier 23

    Pier 23 again

    Rexs Refuge

    The LiPo Lounge

    The Buda in the LiPo Loung

    The Stairs to Johnny Yees office

    The Victorian Pastry Co.

    My ugly grill and The Victorian Pastry Co.

    The Alley where Paul Fisher is killed!

    Where Paul Fisher dies!

    Bryan Clauser’s Apartment

    Galileo High School

    Kyle Souller’s House

    Love this shit Scott….keep it up!

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