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My pick to play Perry in the movies

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He’s definitely hot enough for us women to enjoy the naked parts!

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Any new word on the movie works?

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Perry Dawsy = Vin Diesal

Dew Phillips = Bruce Willis

Margaret Montoy = Sofia Vergara

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Tahmoh Penikiett as Perry DawseyI’ve been mainlining Battlestar Galactica lately to catch up (I’m still on Season 3, so shut your little spoiler mouths right frickin’ now), and Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon has the size, the muscle, the crazy eyes and the massive jaw to play Perry. He’s also the right age and has a pissed-off jaw-clench that’s just awesome.

He’s about 6-foot-3 and has to weigh 230. If I had my choice, and Dwayne Johnson passed on the part (screw you, he’s The Rock and if he wants the part, he gets it), then Tahmoh would be Perry Dawsey. 

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In those movies the guy does nothing but fight. Actually having lines and playing a dramatic part is a whole different thing.

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Bruce Willis is the perfect Dew…

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he’s an ex New York Giant tight end now with the New Orleans Saints. He is 6’5" 251 pounds of muscle. Long shoulder length blond hair. Big, fast, mean and nasty. I’m pretty sure he isn’t into castration though.

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Where’s Kurt Cobain when you need him? Cut off Cobain’s hair and give it to Jones….hmmmm….

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Bruce Willis as Dew, make it happen.

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 once he goes through hair, he will be perfect!


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 but still, we need someone who is bulky and jacked, but can still be a good actor for the part


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I agree Nathan Jones would be a good pick…if he had Perry’s blond hair.  

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I personally would love to see Tom Cruise play the part.  Not becuase I think he could do it justice, I just want to see him take a pair of chicken sheers … SAVE PERRYS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There are so many f’in open topics here.

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This would be a fanfuckingtabulous thread!! oh! Wait….check this shit out..


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Was Nathan Jones the guy they (falsely) claimed was Andre the Giant’s son? That’s the guy who should play Perry. It is going to take one hell of an actor to pull off the final scenes from Infected… 

What about the other characters? This might be a cool topic to get going.

Tom Berenger could play Dew – He was great in Platoon, maybe reprise his role as bad-ass Vietnam Vet. Probably need a bald wig.

I know margaret is supposed to be hispanic, but I always pictured her played by Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Cuddy from House).

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He’s a former prowrestler.

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My pick to play Perry when the movies come out would be Nathan Jones.  If you don’t know who he is he was the giant dude that Jet Li fought in Fearless.  The guy is a monster, I always picture him when I think of  Perry  Here is a link to a photo of him, click here or you can look him up on IMDB  Let me know what you think 

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