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My Nocturnal Fan-Fic

  • Okay, this is the first part and if you like it I will post more.

     Icould hear him pissing in the stall next to me.

    I was in the urinal waiting for the guard to come out. He zipped up. The latch slid open.

    He went out and washed his hands. I "zipped up", and went over to the sink. I shook my hand and a knife came into my palm. He saw me in the mirror and immediately called for back up. He tried to pull out his gun, turn around, and shoot me in all the same motion. But befire he could gert the gun out of its holster I was up right next to him and slit his throat.

    Blood was spraying all over the sink.

    HE crippled to the ground and I picked up his gun. I could hear the other guards coming down the hall. It was taking them a while. It must be all the stuff they have to wear. THe utility belt wit hspray, a tezer, handcuffs, a gun among other things. It amazed me that they could wear all this and the uniforms them selves when it could be 100 freaking degrees out.

    I quickly pulled the 9 mm silencer and attached it to the barrel. I had the gun out ready to kill the others. 2 guards came in the door. The first said "holy Sh-" and that was all he could get out before I shot him in the chest, and the other in the chest also. All this happened and the very first guard was still spraying blood from his neck.

    I was in the museum and I has to get what I came to get. to get the stuffed nocturnal that some savior had sold to a museum. My orders were to take out a quard to get his ID t oget to the top floor, the 5th floor, where the noctunral was placed. I myself was a nocturnal, but only having really good hearing.

    I took the ID and the ammo and headed up the stairs.

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