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My introduction to the FDO

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    I’m enjoying Contagious much more than Infected, but I think that’s largely due to the vastly expanded perspective of the narrative, it’s much more evenly split between the cast than the nearly monologous(is that a word?) Infected

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    that is pure Siglerism!!!!!!  I must admit that I liked Earthcore and Ancestor better than Infected as well (not that I didn’t like infected).  In my opinion, Contagious knocked the socks off of Infected which means that Sigler has to really out do himself for Pandemic!!!!!!  Glad to have you aboard!!!!!

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    A-board! Get it!? lol

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    Forward the artillery! Take no prisoners!

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    Wait, that should be, "Welcome Junkette!"

    Always great to have more junkies & junkettes participating here in the forum 🙂 Jump into the fray and have fun!


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    I started listening to podcasts largely when I met Tracy Hickman some years ago and he mentioned his own news feed.  From there I found his podcast novel, The Immortals on  If I remember correctly there was a plug for Hutchins’ 7th Son series in one of those.  And from there I came to hear about Infected during one of the ‘story so far’ segments.  While I didn’t particularly care for that story, I was hooked on Sigler’s story telling style, and I found Earthcore and Ancestor much more to my tastes. 

    So here I am, a semi-oldschool junkiette, just recently becoming semi-active on these forums =3

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